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Samantha Cameron Sweeps UK Manufacturer’s Aside in Recent Interview with The Guardian


Samantha Cameron, widely known as the wife of the former prime minister David Cameron, set up her own fashion brand, Cefinn, in 2016. Aimed at busy women with a mid to high end budget Cameron is currently courting the press as she prepares to open her first bricks-and-mortar boutique in Belgravia, London. 

In a recent interview with Jess Cartner-Morley for The Guardian, titled: Samantha Cameron: ‘Public scrutiny made me obsessed with clothes that won’t let you down’ she was quoted as saying that she was unable to find “high quality” factories in Britain. 

From the interview: “We produce in the region where the fabric comes from, for sustainability reasons.” Tailoring is made in Portugal, silk pieces in China, and cotton in India. 

“We work with a small number of factories that we know. And to me what matters most is that the clothes are beautifully made and finished and will be worn for ages. We’re not making throwaway things.”

Kate Hills from Make It British retorted: I was flabbergasted to read an interview in The Guardian where Samantha Cameron, a former British Prime Minister’s wife, was quoted saying she could not find “high quality” factories in Britain for her womenswear brand, Cefinn.

“Statements like this from high-profile brand owners, regardless of their intent and without additional information, undermine the work of the fantastic garment manufacturers we have in the UK.

“I founded Make it British over a decade ago to highlight the brands that manufacture here and the UK manufacturers that make for them. Knowing that the best manufacturers often keep a low profile, I even ran a trade show for six years to help bring the industry together and spotlight UK factories.

“It therefore saddens me when I hear from brand owners who believe there are no high-quality UK factories, forcing them to manufacture their clothing elsewhere.”

Louisa Parris designs produced at FEL London

Fashion-Enter Ltd, Founder and CEO Jenny Holloway added: “Sorry, but this is a shocking comment to make Samantha Cameron!

“FEL will be at 10 Downing Street on Wednesday (17th April) and will showcase our silk production for Louisa Parris who sells her collection on Net-a-Porter and beautiful tailoring for Phoebe Gormley. Our amazing and talented team produce high quality garments for a broad range of clients. In addition we have worked closely with digital designers and created bespoke, tailoring under our in-house Belles of London brand using wools from Huddersfield. June O’Sullivan OBE is a champion for us.

“How can Cameron say such a statement and demean an entire sector of industry? Surely a politicians wife should know and endorse organisations that are funded by government? 

“With increased concern about the environment and carbon footprint making in the UK provides a sustainable and viable way forward, safeguarding jobs and growing the economy.”

Rachel Walker, Founder & CEO at Luxury Lockstitch UK commented: “It really doesn’t take much effort to find us all. The first port of call who are always willing to help is UKFT Association (of which she is connected to) and Kate Hills who literally knows everyone.” 

Amanda McLaren, Managing Director at AW Hainsworth and Sons Ltd said: “I would be more than happy to offer her an invitation around our amazing Woollen Mill in Pudsey, with over 240 years of experience, in making beautiful fabrics.”

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