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Richard Malone: The Upcoming Designer Pioneering Practicality


Let us introduce to you Richard Malone, the emerging young fashion talent who excels in championing an extraordinarily inspirational methodology for designing ethically-minded garments for women.

To begin the many positives that differentiate Richard Malone from other designers, he actually considers the type of clothes women want to wear and invariably feels comfortable and confident in, as opposed to creating garments that are just aesthetically pleasing.

The upcoming Irish designer originally established his eponymous label whilst making custom pieces especially for private clients who initially witnessed his garments in Brown Thomas department store in Dublin – those who additionally invested in his complete graduate collection. As it transpires, these clients proved to be not simply the original support for Malone’s business, delivering the brand’s fundamental financial backing, but similarly resulted to be the basis for the thinking behind his sartorial items. “The feedback all of those clients gave me really informed my work,” explains Malone, adding, “we would have conversations about inspiration, and so the whole process becomes a lot more honest, and a lot more functional.”

Typical characteristics featured within Malone’s collections include notable shapes, geometric patterns and creative albeit controversial colours. His clothing conceals and flatters the body, featuring elements such as pockets and well-positioned fastening, consistently crafted from an array of fabrications that are machine-washable – a factor he importantly incorporated into his one of his showpieces Malone designed early on in his career. What is more, his sculptural spectacles are so expertly designed that, they even retain their original form and spring into shape after being packed into a suitcase.

Along with valuing women and their bodies, additional compelling characteristics Malone’s designs encompass is his commitment to sustainability – creating garments that attain an avant-garde edge that carry an ethical quality. Being raised in the middle of a recession in Wexford, a small county in southeast Ireland, the foreseeable designer adopted a make do and mend concept; so much so, he crafted his graduate university collection from remnants he extracted from his father’s shed after he was made redundant from his position on a building site.

These sustainable ideas have influenced Malone’s unwavering resourcefulness fashioned with sophisticated diplomacy; to such a degree, his spring/summer 2018 collection included a material extracted from the bark of eucalyptus trees, is as malleable as polyester thus attaining the aesthetical resemblance to that of silk. “I think it’s the only way you can do something that is really contemporary,” elucidates the designer. “You really need to consider where it’s coming from – and I think the customers really want to know about that side of things.”

Richard Malone’s commendable and compelling amalgamation of taking consideration into how women desire to dress with an unprecedented commitment to sustainability transpires as a winning unification that will undoubtedly continue to drive his success for the foreseeable seasons.

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Words by Kate Farley

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