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H&M to launch New Store



H&M have been very secretive about the new store venture and only confirmed that the new stores would open in the summer of 2013.

H&M registered trademarks and logos for ‘& Other Stories’ in 2011 and has appointed agents to acquire the rights around the world however they have no officially confirmed that ‘& Other Stories’ is the new branding. Confirmation on what the stores will look like or where the first store will launch has still not been announced. There is however an assumption that H&M will follow the same template as it did with COS, which first launched in the UK in 2007 before heading to other countries including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and then Sweden last year.

On the new store, press officer Camilla Emilsson Falk said: “We see the new chain as a complement to H&M. It will be at a slightly higher price bracket and with a little better quality, but still stay within the framework of our business concept – fashion and quality at the best price.”

The internet is buzzing with talk on the new store and many bloggers are not happy with the new brand name.

Fashionista blogged: “We kinda hope it’s not the name. “Oh, this? I got this at & Other Stories!” or “I’ve been dying to buy that dress from & Other Stories,” doesn’t quite roll of the tongue.”

The Huffington Post commented:  “Beginning any sentence, much less a store name, with an ampersand is a bit confusing, not to mention very un-SEO friendly. Plus it lacks the quippy succinctness of ‘H&M’.”



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