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Aquascutum for Sale!


Dating back to 1851 Aquascutum was established by John Emary, a tailor who opened a menswear shop on Regent Street. After managing to produce the first waterproof wool in 1853 he had his creation patented and renamed the company ‘Aquascutum’ which is Latin for ‘Water shield’. In 1901 Aquascutum moved to 100 Regent Street which remains its flagship store. King Edward VII was the brands first royal client and helped to promote the brand to the masses before the brand was granted a Royal Warrant.

Womenswear was launched in 1900and has continued to be popular with the royal family, aristocrats, political leaders and other celebrities. Notable customers include three Princes of Wales, Prince Rainier of Monaco, Sir Winston Churchill, Baroness Thatcher, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Cary Grant, and Michael Caine.

Aquascutum was family owned until 1990, when it was purchased by Japanese textile conglomerate company Renown Incorporated. After it suffered three years of losses, it off-loaded the company to Harold Tillman in September 2009.


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