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Talking Shop: Memoires – Pure Fantasy – Pure Indulgence


Memoires Logo

The Louis XIV inspired exterior is just the beginning as each room is filled with floor to ceiling drama and fantasy. A combination of haute décor and haute couture, everything in Memoires is for sale from baroque-style chaise longues to decadent show-stopping chandeliers.


Memoires entrance

Memoires entrance & staff in uniform



Based in Wafi City in Dubai, the store and showroom comprises of several rooms, each a diverse mix of historical eras and cultural references reinterpreted with a modern twist. Not only a feast for the eyes, each room or scene is accompanied by exclusively recorded music compiled by top DJs. This attention to detail can be found in every aspect from the uniforms worn by Memoires staff to the velvet ribbon handle bags, exclusivity and quality shine through at every opportunity.


Memoires bag by Sergei Grinko

Memoires bag by Sergei Grinko



The innovators of Memoires explain: "We have created a fairytale theatrical atmosphere. Our aim is to embrace an eclectic selection of luxury that transports you through the ages from the magnificent Renaissance, through to baroque and then to Edwardian glamour. It is harmonious and unique; style and experience."


Memoires shop Dubai



On a recent visit to the store Paul Bavo commented: “It’s Dali in Dubai! If ever you are in the Wafi Mall do visit this shop, it’s incredible!”



Open the wardrobe and walk into a secret room



The eclectic historical-cultural combination can be found in each and every Memoires piece. Designed in-house Memoires use the finest craftsmen from all over the globe to produce each luxurious item. Whether it’s a custom-made mirror, a hand-beaded bag or an entire interior refit, Memoires has a team of highly skilled professionals that are passionate about the creative services they provide.



A recent addition to the store merged the talents of designer Sergei Grinko with cult couturier Ziad Ghanem. Typically Memoires; Grinko’s handcrafted skills and nostalgic touch were married with Ghanem’s modern concepts. Where else could you find a chandelier dripping in Swarovski crystals that can also be worn as show-stopping corset?

Memoires Grinko Ghanem collaboration

Grinko/Ghanem collaboration – corset chandelier


Launched in December 2006 Memoires has rapidly become internationally renowned for complete décor revamps on commercial and private buildings as well as its one-off statement designs. Undoubtedly one of a kind, Memoires is not just a shop – it’s an all-encompassing experience.


Memoires flagship store & interior showroom is based in Wafi City, Dubai.

Memoires Logo


By JoJo Iles

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