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Repurposing Recognition for Oliver Spencer


Fantastic news for premium menswear brand Oliver Spencer on achieving The Best Circular Approach award at the recent 2024 Wallpaper* Awards.

Now in its 20th edition the Wallpaper* Awards celebrates the very best in creative design and, of course, that includes a proactive sustainable approach to design. 

Oliver Spencer added to his ethical brand credentials with the launch of a Repurpose clothing initiative in 2023. This initiative allows the customer to bring back an Oliver Spencer item that has reached the end of its wearable life, either in-store or via an online process. 

Once received, it will be repurposed – powered by Recomme, down one of the brands bespoke routes. As a token of appreciation for participating the customer will be sent a voucher to put towards another Oliver Spencer product as a way of saying thank-you for making a responsible choice.

This high profile recognition marks the beginning of apparel brands incorporating circular and responsible practices into their business models. Recomme provides repair, resale and end of life solutions for the garment industry and currently, Fashion-Enter Ltd is instrumental in providing processing services, including those on Oliver Spencer items.

Oliver commented on his website: “We’ve always thought of ourselves as an environmentally conscious brand but this latest project really helps us accelerate towards our sustainability goals. 

“We’re big advocates of organic cotton, linen, and locally sourced wool, and we make all of our garments in Portugal or the UK, but we can always do more. Every year 300,000 tonnes of clothes go to UK landfill, and it’s getting worse. We’re a comparatively small fashion brand, which in one sense is lucky because we’re not faced with hugely damaging economies of scale, but nevertheless, we felt like we needed to keep exploring initiatives that would reduce our environmental footprint.”

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