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Red Carpet Green Dress 2020 Design Competition is Now Open


The Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD) Global Design Contest 2020 in partnership with TENCEL™ Luxe is now open (12th May 2020) for entries.

A leading voice in the field of sustainable design, RCGD has been flying the flag for more ethical fashion since 2009. Founded by Suzy Amis Cameron the year she was destined to walk the red carpet for husband James Camerons’ blockbuster ‘Avatar’ and faced a lack of sustainable red-carpet worthy options, the pioneering women-led organisation is dedicated to putting a spotlight on much-needed sustainable design solutions. 

Sustainable fashion is an important arena with many interpretations – some believe it can be defined by a no-waste, circular economy approach, others by the use of solely organic or certified materials or a reduced carbon print production process. Others believe it is about a fair and humane treatment of manufacturers and a clear supply chain, or even recycling. For RCGD, it is any/all of the above.

The specific creative challenge for this contest focuses on two key areas, eco textiles and waste. The World Bank estimates that the textile industry is responsible for as much as 20 percent of industrial pollution in our rivers and land. Finding ways to curb the environmental pollution caused by textile production starts with finding new ways to produce fabrics that don’t require toxins and large amounts of water, and which minimise harm to the local ecology.

RCGD recently collaborated with textile giant Lenzing’s new luxury brand TENCEL™ Luxe to launch a range of eco-couture textiles, which will be available to the public later this year. Like TENCEL™ Luxe, which advocates for a green future in eco-couture, RCGD believe that nature has all of the answers. Therefore, entrants are asked to show consideration for the following when submitting their entry sketches:

Prize details for two lucky winners includes:

*$1000 cash prize
*Dress contest ambassadors for the red carpet (talent and platforms to be announced)
*Attend RCGD Gala in LA as VIP Guest with travel, accommodation and living expenses covered
*Exhibition of winning designs at RCGD Gala and designer presentation to audience
*Meet RCGD founder Suzy Amis Cameron
*Internship experience with couture designer Laura Basci in her LA-based atelier
*3 month business mentorship with RCGD CEO Samata
*TENCEL™ Luxe goodie bag
*Media coverage

(** Please note that this Red Carpet Green Dress contest is not in partnership with The Annual Academy Awards **)

The contest closes on 30th July at 5PM ET. No entries can be registered after the July 30th 2020 deadline. If your entry is chosen RCGD will notify you by the 28th August 2020 at the latest. Entrants must be over 21-years old, and the entry fee is $30. Click here to find out more and enter the RCGD Global Design Contest 2020 in partnership with TENCEL™ Luxe from the safety of your home.

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