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up Could Set a New Trend


On Wednesday 20th June Fashion Enter featured in a hard-hitting double-page article focusing on cleaning up supply chains, ensuring ethical standards and a sustainable use of resources within the fashion sector.

Titled ‘Rag trade clean-up could set a new trend’ journalist Sharon Thiruchelvam interviewed Orsola de Castro, co-founder of The Transparency Index and Fashion Revolution alongside Fashion Enter’s CEO, Jenny Holloway, on the positive steps being taken to fundamentally change the industry for the better.

Jenny quotes: “Suppliers in China tend to want long production runs of 5’000, which require commitments of nine months ahead on production.” Rolling ranges produced onshore Jenny believes is the way forward. “A good buyer will squeeze the life out of a best-selling garment – changing the colour or print, adapting it for a specialty section such as ‘petite’ or ‘maternity’. It is all about reaction to customer demand.” This approach favours smaller runs of 800 – 1,200 units compared with an average of 3’000, which is far more sustainable from environmental and business perspectives. “The retailer is not over-buying a style and therefore not contributing to landfill or discounting.”

The article also discussed how cloud-based system Galaxius helps to track supply chain activity from fabric order to garment delivery and enables performance-related pay calculations. Concluding that while the industry has a long way to go it is changing for the better.

‘Rag trade clean-up could set a new trend’ was featured in The Times / Raconteur.net page 18 on Wednesday 20th June.

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