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Production Pattern Cutting With Maggie Stott


A pattern prepared for manufacture – Continuous Professional Development with Maggie Stott…

Production pattern making is often side-lined by the more glamorous sounding creative pattern making, but the reality is, the production pattern is the real star. Grading, marker making and manufacture cannot start without a production pattern, and the quality of its execution will set the standard for the whole factory process. It’s a daunting thought, be it half a dozen garments or 10,000 it all starts with the production pattern, made by the Production Pattern Cutter.

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A production pattern takes into account all the elements that make up the production procedure – it reflects the big picture. This course is designed to equip the pattern cutter with the skills to bring a first-sample pattern to a manufacturing standard. Each session will have two aspects. The first to widen the knowledge needed to understand the role that the production pattern has in manufacturing, and its crucial place in setting the baseline for many other processes. The second is given to practical work in which the theory is applied to sample patterns as if in the commercial workplace. Students are encouraged to bring own patterns for practical work.

Pattern Prepared for Manufacture CPD Course plan overview:

Week 1 – Focus on the language of a pattern and communication between all personnel who use the pattern. This will include practical application of these principles on a women’s dress pattern. We will also look at methods of lining that are factory friendly.

Week 2 – Focus on raw materials and the sealing process. Specialist machinery and how that affects the pattern. Practical will look at denim jeans and tee-shirts which have their own specific manufacturing methods including adding in shrinkage and working with stretch.

Week 3 – Focus on pattern amendments from economy of use of materials as well as fit and styling. The role of and communication with the Garment technologist. Practical work will look at how to customise a pattern for economy of a specific fabric width / what is acceptable / negotiation with client regarding amendments.

Week 4 – Focus is practical on producing a full pattern using a tailored jacket, looking at the layers involved, (fabric / interlining / lining / markers and methods of use by the cutter. Patterns are used for marker making as well as single cuts for small designer or short run production which can affect the way a pattern is marked up.

You will need the following tools Paper shears, set square or Shoben pattern master Pencils & sharpener, rubber, ball point pen Marker pens – 1 x red, 1 x black, and 1 x blue


Maggie will be repeating the Production Pattern Making course on Saturday 10th, 17th and 24th March and in addition will also host a Pattern Grading course on 24th February and 3rd March.

Each session takes place at the FTA in North London from 10.00 – 16.00.

The three-day Production Pattern Cutting course costs £195

The two-day Pattern Grading course costs £130

To find out more and book your place please contact: training@fashion-enter.com

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