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PPE, Missed Opportunities and a Government That Has Failed UK Manufacturers


On LinkedIn Fashion-Enter Ltd CEO Jenny Holloway frankly discusses the epic failure of the UK government to work with local businesses to create essential PPE during the height of the Covid pandemic…

‘Lady Mone – you are responsible for job losses in Wales and London – shame on you! 

‘At the height of PPE shortage ASOS.com graciously asked us to stop making clothes and to support the NHS with essential PPE. 

‘In response we turned our Welsh and London factories around in days and we jumped to action. Thanks to @RoyalFreeLondon NHS, NHS England and the amazing Mike Dinan we developed a gown that costed 20p per wear (ex laundry) with RFID so it was safe for Covid 19 solutions.

‘We had one trial of 10,000 units only! 

‘Now we know where all the budget went to don’t we Lady Mone! 

‘No one will know how hard we have fought to keep our business going at Fashion-Enter! I’ve lost a third of the workforce and that is heart breaking. 

‘We could have grown manufacturing in the UK with just 10% of the £203m Med Pro Ltd. Contracts could have been given to the hardworking factories in Leicester; we could have organised this along with Kate Hills from Make It British 

‘Lady Mone, with her greed and selfishness, should be fully reviewed, audited and made to give the profits back to NHS England. UK government procurement policy should be changed to buy from the UK – or at least a %. 

‘How basic this all is! I’m utterly embarrassed and appalled by our Government and their policy of jobs for their inner circle! 

Let’s see if the Welsh Government Economy, Science, Transport; Culture, Tourism, Sport Llywodraeth Cymru / Welsh Government Welsh NHS Confederation are any different with the bid we’re submitting for a #ppe contract next week? 


Feedback to Jenny’s post included:

Susannah Hall

Owner at Susannah Hall Tailors

Well done Jennifer! It’s so important that facts and opinions are voiced! Lady Mone was only one of those involved, ripping off taxpayers and lining their own pockets! It infuriates me that the Government paid out over a billion £ to companies for #ppe orders. The majority of which were not fulfilled or the garments produced were substandard and could not be used during the pandemic. If you or I were paid for an order that was not fulfilled we would, by law, have to refund the money. How have these companies avoided returning all the funds? This money could be paid to the NHS and make a difference to each and every person in this country!!

Lauren M.

Creative Director – Mi-bambino London

It disgusts me to read what you’ve written, Jennifer Holloway

In light of the fact that this aid came at such an important time to support the #NHS and #British #fashion #manufacturing #industries , our #British #government fell far short of its expectations, “to build back better, and to support local communities and jobs.” 

We know how significant #SMEs and #localbusiness are to the health of our #economy. Approximately 75% of them contribute to our economy across all industries. Due to bottleneck logistics, the industry was brought to its knees. By minimising offshore products, this was an opportunity to help preserve British fashion manufacturing. 

As a result, this was an obvious opportunity for local British manufacturers to help keep the NHS, staff, and companies operating during a major pandemic. Having greed at the center of tragic events when our NHS workers were trying to save lives and keep themselves safe is beyond comprehension. 

Kate Darbyshire Evans

I completely agree with your comments Jennifer Holloway and your anger at this disgusting abuse of those in power. It is appalling and embarrassing how greedy and selfish their behaviour is. How can we trust these people to represent the best interests of the working people in this country.

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