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Pioneering New Diploma in Fashion Design and Business Commences at the FTA


FEL’s educational division, the Fashion Technology Academy, has just begun with their very first cohort of Level 3 Diploma in Creative Practice: Fashion Design and Business learners. This programme is delivered in partnership with Capital City College Group (CCCG) and is accredited by UAL. 

This initiative course combines creative and business skills and is split into four major modules; Stitching, Pattern Cutting, Creative Thinking, Business and Knowledge. All sessions are delivered by industry experts who are ready to share their knowledge and teach learners the vital skills needed in the fashion industry.  

The knowledge and skills taught on the programme include brand positioning, branding, customer profiling, digital marketing, textile and fabric understanding, range planning, critical path and production. On the creative side the learners will experiment with a range of sportswear and streetwear styles, and explore deconstructing, re-cutting and completely transforming to make new garments.

CEO Jenny Holloway talking to learners at the induction day 26th April 2023

In addition, learners will be taught digital skills and will be able to print their final designs using the latest sustainable textile technology. During the programme, learners will have an opportunity to present their designs to retailers and get expert feedback on their products.

24 individuals have joined this new and exciting course that enables learners to apply their business skills in practice and gets them industry ready from the outset. Over 34-weeks students are required to attend 3 days a week (2 days at the FTA and 1 day at CCCG). By the end of the course they will have the opportunity to showcase and sell their designs.

Ingrid Holmes, FTA Head of Education commented:“This new cohort of learners are very eager and excited to learn, they asked a lot of questions about their programme and they have already started to work on their stitching and business skills.”

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway added: “Wow! What a great inspiring group of 24 learners we have in this course. 

I wanted to personally be involved in this groundbreaking course because it’s the small brand and micro businesses that will be the future of our glorious fashion industry. 

There’s such a backlash against the corporate world of cheap fashion and it’s time for slow fashion with dignity and heritage to take place. That’s exactly what this new innovative course is with our partners CCCG. 

We shall be creating ranges and selling them in our retail shop in Fonthill Road and also provide free websites too!  This is not only the future of fashion but also education!”

To find out more about the Level 3 Diploma in Creative Practice: Fashion Design and Business tap here or contact: education@fashion-enter.com 

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