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Pick A Pattern – Designer Patterns for Sale


Launched in 2011 designer brand Jane & Marilyn specialise in grown-up glamour offering timeless and flattering designs to suit all occasions. Created by Jane Foddy and Marilyn Wathes, the brand is not only named after themselves but their two style icons – Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe.

Jane & Marilyn have known each other since childhood and began making clothes since they were teens. With a passion for style and glamour the pair made their own garments for special events such as Royal Ascot and Henley Regatta, born out of their own frustration of not being able to find what they wanted.

Subsequently the duo have developed a collection of styles – predominantly well-cut, timeless dresses, the patterns of which are now available to buy.

Jane said: I have about 14 designs in total and at least half are graded on card sizes 10-16. They are pristine and cost a small fortune to produce and now we are no longer operational it would be a waste to just chuck them away. Would anyone be interested in taking them off my hands, they could be useful and could potentially save a lot of money?”

If you are interested please contact Jane prices are negotiable: <jane@janeandmarilyn.co.uk>




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