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‘Perfect Design Execution’ – The Fashion Studio for Miles Leon


Established as a top online destination for men’s style, MR PORTER offers 500 of the world’s most sought-after brands to its global audience. In support of up and coming design talent the MR PORTER FUTURES, in partnership with Klarna, program identifies new talent and provides mentoring and guidance in designing, manufacturing and delivering responsible collections.

One such brand, Miles Leon, a design duo – Jules and Ryan, has been working with the Fashion Studio at Fashion-Enter Ltd on one of their high end shirts for their launch collection.

Here Jules talks about the experience:

“The brand focuses on the garden as a metaphor for our individual selves: “Like a gardener, we must tend to and nurture our own gardens by providing nourishment at the source of the structure: the mind”. 

“We started designing our collective vision during COVID with the idea that we were going to be doing in-house development and utilising local sewers in our community to produce a small run collection. We found difficulty in this approach and simultaneously came across the MR PORTER FUTURES program, which ended as projecting us to the platform we are currently on. 

“Our desire to create the product we currently have is a result of our environment and a reflection of our wardrobes. Wearing natural fabrics and almost exclusively vintage pieces, the choice to utilise organic Italian cottons, botanically dyed wools, and wool-cashmere blends seemed natural for us, as these fabrics helped to elevate the pieces we enjoy wearing. 

“Our experience with working with MR PORTER and Fashion-Enter has been challenging and enjoyable at the same time. Holding full-time jobs while being on the program and not designing in our studio was difficult, however Claire and the team at Fashion-Enter executed our design perfectly and made us feel as if we were in their studio working on the product with them. We hope to work together later down the road on future projects and visit the factory the next time we are in London.”

Tap here to view the launch collection from Miles Leon on MR PORTER.

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