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Patchion Lockdown Patch Offer


Millions of people around the world are staying in their homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That is why; Patchion offers 50% of free patches. This company has a team of expert designers to help bring your ideas to life. Hence, it is a great time to support the business during the lockdown. You are not only supporting them but also saving money.

We can understand that it is difficult to cope with the situation right now. Well, there is nothing we can do until a vaccine is discovered for the virus. Hence, the company has decided to bring back their famous +50% bargain. The offer is straightforward. You will get extra 50% free patches with each order of 80 or over embroidered patches. This offer is valid till June, and you will get these additional free patches without any extra charge.

Patchion LTD has made masks and medical equipment for UK Hospitals

COVID- 19 has affected millions of people in the UK, and the number of infected is increasing every day, not only in the UK but in the whole world. Due to the increasing number of infected people, there is a lot of tension, uncertainty, and exhaustion among medical professionals. These professionals are worried about the lack of resources in the hospital.

Due to this situation, Patchion has decided to start manufacturing medical clothing to help British hospitals. There are lots of other companies that are helping in producing medical equipment such as surgical gowns, hospital clothing, medical aprons, masks and more.

The number of infected people increased exponentially since February. The world was not ready for this situation, and hence many hospitals have a shortage of medical products. It is the case not only in the UK but in the rest of the world.

There are many regions in which hospitals have a lack of resources. Doctors and nurses are unable to complete their duties, and hence many of them are also getting infected. That is why; the employees of Patchion decided to manufacture PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the medical professionals. They have made various PPE such as surgical masks, gowns, and other resources. Well, in this pandemic, everyone has to play their part to make sure that our frontline forces have all the resources necessary.

We know that that situation is under control right now. But, Patchion still ready to collaborate for the community. The company is precious in terms of making embroidered badges, emblems, or patches. Furthermore, they engaged in textile manufacturing, from where they have produced materials to help the hospitals in the UK. The main focus is to provide any possible help to NHS (the UK’s National Health Service). This institution put its efforts to ensure the health of the citizens of the UK.

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