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Paris Hilton Launches Boohoo.com Collection


All-time It girl and teenage icon to many girls the world over, Paris Hilton, ‘The Simple Life’ star and model is debuting her fashion line with online style retailer Boohoo.com this month, a collection comprising of 70-pieces that will answer the fashion prayers to all of those in their twenties.

The sartorial offering that is appointed to launch globally on June 20 – in perfect time for summer, will be a nostalgic journey through your typical noughties wardrobe that is said to indicate an amalgamation of famous trends that were brought to life by Paris amid the last decade.

Throughout the Paris Hilton X Boohoo collection, fans of hers will characteristically witness looks that have largely become synonymous with the star over the years. Assume to see metallics of the slinky sort, Beverly Hills-inspired palm tree motifs, an assortment of animal prints, a penchant for everything pink (obviously), plus, additional cheeky slogan items that hark back to her signature sayings, including “That’s Hot”. What is more, unlike her typical expensive taste, the entire collection welcomes an extremely affordable price tag, retailing from £3-£35.

Ultimately the collection is “very Paris” and is inspired by her lifestyle in Beverly Hills and Ibiza during the early 2000s. The blonde bombshell has explained that the fashion line has been designed “for all girls who want to feel beautiful, sexy, confident and stand out.” 

Having originally acknowledged Boohoo.com on Instagram, Paris quickly resonated with the online shopping destinations “cute styles, designs and accessories they make” and therefore chose to formulate a collaboration with them to enable her millions of fans to “have a chance to dress like me at an affordable price point”. 

Here’s your chance to adopt Paris’s true aesthetic but be quick – it is naturally expected to sell out shortly after launching. To sum up the collection – “It’s hot!”

Words by Kate Farley

Images courtesy of BooHoo

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