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Oxford Street Retail Opportunity: Innovative & Up and Coming Businesses Wanted


Have you ever dreamt of showcasing your brand on one of London’s busiest high streets? Oxford Street is without doubt one of the busiest commercial retail streets in the UK.

On average, half a million people visit Oxford Street every day making it a prime location for flagship and department stores. For many small to mid-size brands the cost of having a store on Oxford Street renders the idea as financially impossible, however a new retail programme is about to make the impossible – possible!

Called ‘Meanwhile On: Oxford Street’ the initiative aims to upgrade the street, moving out the cheap tat stores and bringing in a mix of up and coming brands and businesses.

Meanwhile On: Oxford Street are inviting up to 35 brands to apply for a 100% rent-free, prime store location for an initial six-month period. There will be a variety of store sizes on offer, single tenancy and curated stores shared between like-minded concepts.

The initial deadline for applications is 12pm on Wednesday, 30 August 2023.

Successful applicants will benefit from:

Meanwhile On: Oxford Street are looking for innovative and up-and-coming small businesses that:

This programme is not intended to support well-established retailers who would otherwise already be able to operate a store in Central London without the support of this programme. 

You can apply to be part of the Meanwhile on: Oxford Street programme by completing the form. Please take a look at the PDF version of the application form before applying online to familiarise yourself with the process.

Please also make sure you read the applicants guide and the scoring criteria.

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