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Opportunities and Employment for Refugees


Fashion Enter Ltd has recently been working with Irina Bormotova, Senior Employment Advisor at Elevate / Groundwork London, an employment support organisation for refugees.

Elevate offers free, tailored support and specialist advice to refugees, preparing them to work in the UK and helping them into suitable employment.

The organisation also supports businesses to employ refugees. Via diligent screening processes, qualification transfer, and business advice, Elevate can help identify each candidate’s legal status and eligibility to work, coupled with legal evidence requirements.

Irina recently introduced the Fashion Enter team to Abdul and he was invited for a trial in production in the Fashion Studio department of Fashion Enter situated in North London. The Fashion Studio creates first patterns, toiling, seals, grades, press samples and short run production from 1 unit to 300 units. After a successful trial Abdul was offered a position with the team and is now gainfully employed.


Fashion Enter CEO Jenny Holloway comments: “As soon as we met Abdul we knew he would fit perfectly into our team. He is a kind, genuine and humble man who is incredibly skilled in garment manufacturing. His future is now secure with us and we thank Irina for all her support too.” 

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