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Old is the New New: Repurposing Stock


As part of the reprocessing and recycling journey Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is on we recently reduced over 2,000 long sleeve shirts to short sleeve shirts for the Jacamo range for NBrown Group.

We had to turn the garments around in 2 weeks and that comprised of:

When we saw the 4,000 redundant sleeves complete with buttons we just could not throw them away, and as we’re constantly recycling we decided to put them to good use.

Thanks to Hawi and May we have created an entirely new skirt! And also a pair of shorts!

Now this is recycling and upcycling at its very best!

Old is the New New.

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway commented: “Repurposing is definitely the way forward, the sleeve reduction order for Jacamo shows that a leading retailer cares about not contributing to landfill and also provides a local manufacturer with work for the machinists! There is a real uptake on repurposing and customising existing stock and textiles.  Let’s hope more retailers follow this example.” 

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