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Now Made in Wales – Well Cool Clothing


The brainchild of Kirsty Glynn, Well Cool hospital pyjamas, clothing and gowns were designed to ensure a functional yet comfortable pyjama for children in hospital. With personal reasons for wanting to create the brand, Kirsty sought out advice and help from Fashion-Enter Ltd to ensure the best from her ideas.

Fashion-Enter Ltd CEO Jenny Holloway said: “In 2012 Fashion-Enter Ltd was based at the University of East London at the Knowledge Dock Business and Innovation Centre, and this was where I first meet Kirsty. She explained her background was in nursing and had often watched people struggle with hospital gowns and regular clothing especially undergoing treatment. She noticed how regular PJs and clothing didn’t work around IVs and other medical equipment. This was the catalyst to try and make a product that not only make patients feel better but also reduced the need for nurses to disconnect equipment saving on valuable nursing time. She had an amazing innovation which was so brilliant I personally urged her to undertake copyright protection. Kirsty was already on the case!  

“It took Kirsty four years to perfect the product and we all thought Kirsty was so wonderful we wanted to do everything we could to help as you can see by the testimonial from Kirsty below in 2016.”

Kirsty’s 2016 testimonial: “I had an idea and it took a long time for me to be confident that the product was right, the quality was right, that it was a real functioning pyjama that would help children that had mobility problems when ill. I always knew it was a good idea but you never know the work that goes on behind the scenes of a business. I was so supported by my family and this was very important to me. Sometimes I didn’t always know the right decisions but that’s when Fashion-Enter would help me find the right path. 

“Today I couldn’t be happier. My pyjamas are copyrighted correctly, the business is set up correctly and are now selling in the shop at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I may never be a big oak tree but I am so happy that my pyjamas have become a brand and I am genuinely helping people.  Now I am going to expand to adult’s pyjamas. Thank-you, as always, for your encouragement.”

Today Well Cool Clothing is a brand with the children’s range being sold in Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Royal Hospital for Children & Young People in Edinburgh, as well as online: https://www.wellcoolclothing.com/collections/childrens. Following a further year of research and pilot studies to validate their products, their men’s range of nightwear & clothing range launches later this year.

Kirsty has that gritty determination to push through problems, she is positive and has a great can-do attitude and really highlights that if you have a great idea you should never give up. 

FEL Wales Judith with Kirsty

Fast forward to today and we are now making her amazing PJs and clothing at our Welsh Factory in Newtown and we so wish Kirsty all the success in the world with her next chapter. 

Kirsty added: “It’s funny how life turns full circle, and I’m so happy that Fashion-Enter Wales are making our first sample run on our new children’s range. What can I say, the quality and attention to detail are second to none and as a social business, it’s fitting to be working with people with the same social values as ourselves.” 

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