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New Years’ Resolutions For Any Fashion CEO


Whether you own a small company devoted to recycling second-hand clothes, or you’re aiming to be up there with the biggest producers of affordable fashion, every CEO should have a business plan and a personal plan. When you’re absorbed in the day-to-day workings of your company, it’s easy to lose yourself amongst the daily politics.

So, if you’re a CEO who wants to realign their ambitions for the New Year, here are some tips and tricks.

An Upgraded Website

Every business needs a functioning website to keep them up and running. If your business could do with some rejuvenation, there’s nothing quite like a new year to motivate you to want change. A website makes you far easier to contact and more efficient for customers who want to browse your products online. If you’re worried about this being a lengthy ordeal, then you needn’t worry. Instead, all you need to do is to meet with a web designer to discuss your ideas and plans.


Looking after your health is hard when you’re a CEO. Late nights adjusting your social media profiles and early mornings for extra early meetings can take a toll on your health. Remember to look after your health when you’re a CEO, whether that means losing a few pounds or getting enough sleep. Practicing good habits at your desk is just one way that you can boost your health, too. Consider getting on board with diet plans by Shake the Weight to keep you full in between meals, or going out for a walk during your lunch break to introduce more activity into your daily routine. After that it might be wise to schedule in some yoga or pilates classes to soothe your mind, or maybe even an early morning run to keep you active.

Build Your Team

You may already be a team player, but if you’re not, then it’s imperative that you learn how to become one. In order to become a successful CEO, you should have a contented team behind you who are willing to be team players. You will only cultivate this by embracing every member of your team and involving key players when you need them.

Add Narrative to Your Brand

One resolution for both you as a CEO and for your brand as a whole, is to start telling more stories. Explaining to customers how you came to be and what your goals are is a great way of endearing people to your brand. Don’t just leave this to your ‘about’ page, either. Weave your brand’s story into the products you sell and make it an integral part of your logos and general imagery. Your story could become part of a bigger re-brand.

As a CEO, New Year’s resolutions should revolve about your company and you as an individual. In order to run the best possible fashion brand, you need to be able to arrive at your desk in the morning and be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. You can’t do this if you’re burned out and too tired to work. Finding motivation through growing your brand both internally is also a great way to enter the New Year.

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