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New Account – I Saw It First


Fashion-Enter Ltd is delighted to announce a new account has been opened with I Saw It First – the online fashion retailer that was founded in 2017.

Over the last three years I Saw It First has had phenomenal growth headed up by Jalal Kamani. I Saw It First has a deep history in understanding fashion today and working closely with the Director of Buying Leanne Holmes – the two make a formidable team.

CEO Jenny Holloway recently visited the head office of I Saw It First in Manchester and commented:

“I was so impressed with the team at I Saw It First in Manchester. There is a real can-do attitude and it was clear that Jalal Kamani CEO, really does care about his staff and the brand itself. I don’t think I have ever visited a company before that provides free breakfast and lunches for their staff. During the visit Jalal and Buying Director Leanne Holmes explained how there is a new approach to ethical buying today and as a social enterprise we want to help I Saw It First achieve transparency in their supply chain. This is an exciting time for our garment manufacturing industry.”

Jalal further commented:

“I have been in the garment industry all of my life and I have seen the many changes that have occurred; I have developed strong friendships and now I want to support the industry and provide all the help I can. I understand that compliance is extremely important and first having Fashion-Enter Ltd as a supplier we can all learn how true ethical manufacturing can occur. It will then be our intention to help our entire supply base with the support of Jenny and her team. I Saw It First is at an exciting stage with an increase in sales and profitability. Now we have the resources to invest with our suppliers for a long lasting future.”

The first orders of 10,000 units will be supplied by Fashion-Enter Ltd in February 2021 which will include locally sourced fabrics in the seasons fashion colours. Capitalising on the fashionable loungewear this new range will be an exciting addition to an already sold-out season.


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