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N17 Creative Callings: Providing Support, Training & Expert Advice to Local Creative Businesses


In November 2019 N17 Creative Callings (N17CC) was set up to ensure continual development and growth of the creative sector in the Tottenham area of north London. This free, supportive programme has been co-funded by the Mayor of London and European Social Fund. From the beginning Fashion-Enter Ltd and Collage Arts have been working as one to deliver tailored support, training, expert advice and networking for established and start-up creative businesses.

With the project spanning over 2-years Fashion-Enter Ltd has supported, advised, trained and taught local individuals and businesses across many creative sectors, including clothing, accessories, animation and community. Here Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway reflects on the project and the high quality support the team have provided throughout what has been a turbulent time… 

‘N17 Creative Callings is the first European Social Fund contract Fashion-Enter Ltd has won and of course this was great timing with the UK exiting Brexit and then the Covid pandemic! 

The program began in late 2019 when there was no sign of Covid and kicked off to a flying start. We had 100’s of applications to join this unique mentoring and business program that basically creates tailored, individual business support. 

At a personal level I love this program. It gives us the chance to get to know exactly who the client is and then wrap around support and training to make their company flourish and succeed. We fortunately enrolled lots of people in November and December and then by the beginning of 2020 Covid descended. For us to be effective we needed to have face-to-face meetings with the use of machinery, cutting and pattern tables to develop the skills we have pledged. 

This support, and our courses, cannot be achieved via online meetings. There’s no point dredging up the woes of the last two years, we all know it has been personally and professionally difficult, but despite the gloom we have had some powerful successes. 

Tap here to view the highlights of the N17 Creative Callings programme that included open days, masterclasses and courses alongside business support and mentoring.

A big thank-you to our partners Collage Arts who have been the perfect balance to our hands-on vocational skills with their digital courses and support.’ 

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