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N17 Creative Callings: Happy is the New Luxury


The latest N17 Creative Callings seminar touched on the topic of mental health and wellbeing during this difficult time of the pandemic and within the fashion industry in general. Stress and anxiety affect people in a variety ways and in different circumstances and Fashion-Enter appreciates this with their own workforce too.

After developing a close working relationship with Lauren Morrison, Owner of brand Mi-bambino and Trend Forecasting service Fashion-File, who is party of the N17 Creative Callings programme Lauren suggested a new seminar: ‘Happiness is the New Luxury.’ She was spot-on with her presentation and delivery. Aided by Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd, the seminar discussed: 

1 – Mental health overview.

2 – How does mental health affect creatives in the fashion industry? And what can we do to ease anxiety and stress in our current climate.

3 – What impact has Covid-19 had on consumer behaviour?

4 – How will brands implement marketing strategies for future consumer behaviour – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Engagement did occur with some of the participants confirming that they were feeling the anxiety of potential job losses, working alone, feeling isolated and the ups and downs of trying to run a business with little interaction and sales activity.

The second part of the seminar was much more about the facts and figures of what is happening now in the fashion industry, drawing upon big luxury names such as Gucci and their decision reduce the number of presentations each year and concentrate more on sustainable and ethical fashion.

Lauren discussed how the pandemic has affected consumer behaviour and the marketing strategies brands are using to ensure future development and sales.

Lauren commented: “The ‘Happy is the New Luxury’ seminar identified the pressures within the fashion industry concerning mental health and wellbeing identifying guidelines to help relieve anxiety and pressures whilst going through the current economic and pandemic crisis. The seminar also discussed the landscape of consumer behaviour post Covid-19 and how this would help creatives understand the national and global landscape from a macro and microenvironment of how consumer behaviour’s have changed. This also gave a clear outline of how this will impact and navigate businesses going forward. The online seminar went really well and the participants were very engaged with questions and feedback.”

Jenny Holloway concluded: “It is never an easy topic to discuss feelings and anxiety especially in a group environment when people do not know each other, but actually honest genuine dialogue did occur and both Lauren and Jenny spoke from the heart about how Covid-19 is effecting people generally. The overwhelming messages were those of not feeling alone, of working together as one and being part of a bigger more cooperative movement so synergy really can occur.

“With this in mind we have now agreed the date of Thursday 10th September to host a day long ‘Meet and Greet’ event for all the participants of the N17 Creative Callings programme to date. This is very much a celebration of like-minded individuals coming together to network and create genuine lasting relationships, both professionally and personally. A huge thank-you to Lauren for the presentation which was very insightful and caring.” 

The N17 Creative Callings programme targets creatives working and living within the London postcode area of N17, the two-year programme is supported by the Mayor of London and the European Social Fund. To find out more click here.

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