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Ms Curvaceous says Clothing Brands Need to ‘Stop the Fat Tax’


Corrine Mensah was recently crowned Ms Curvaceous UK 2018. A size UK 16 Corrine thinks it’s unfair that brands charge more for plus-size clothing, sometimes up to 15% more and today her BBC video (screen shot above) makes a stand about it.

Some brands state that plus size clothing uses more fabric and those sizes are created in smaller quantities hence driving up the price. However, the average UK womenswear size is a 16 and as any FTA (Fashion Technology Academy) student will know – when creating cutting dockets for an order we produce layplans and these give an average fabric consumption figure for all sizes! So Ms Curvaceous does have a point!

This is just another example of why manufacturing skills and learning, such as those at the FTA, are essential across the entire clothing production spectrum.

We have invited Ms Curvaceous to see what we do at the factory in North London – more on this soon.

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