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Moving Your Fashion Business: A Step – by – Step Guide


If your start-up or brand has outgrown its current space, you may be looking to move. Be it a young brand or a start-up venturing into the next phase, moving to a bigger or better-connected space can be essential for growth.

Regardless of your business size, this will take careful planning. This is especially the case if you are moving stock, equipment and one-off items such as couture or rare vintage.

You will want minimal disruption to your business, allowing you to set up and continue with your day-to-day work as soon as possible. This guide can help you effectively relocate, sets you up for a great start and ensures your goods are safe and accounted for.

Finding a Moving Company

Planning the move is essential to a successful relocation. One of the first things you’ll want to arrange is a reliable commercial moving company. These companies are experts in moving a range of businesses. They will have the equipment and skills to make sure your goods are delivered safely.

Professional companies will also be insured. This is recommended for fashion brands that often have valuable stock and equipment. Commercial relocation firms will survey what needs to be moved so they can prepare ahead of time. This ensures they have enough people, the right equipment and a suitable vehicle for the move.

Admin and Stock Take

For a fashion business, another key part of planning is creating an inventory of your goods. This is a vital step in the moving process. Make sure everything is accounted for, using lists and labels. Keep items in categories and give yourself plenty of time to check every department of your business.

Make a few copies of the inventory and keep them safe and easily accessible. Make sure the removal company, if you choose to use one, has a copy. This will not only help with the packing process, it will be invaluable when you unpack at your new location. 


When packing clothes and fabric, avoid storing them in cardboard boxes if possible. Some fabrics and materials will not fare well stored like this as cardboard can be quickly impacted by the elements. Plastic storage boxes with lids will keep the items in top condition during transit. 

Vintage and one-off items that will need extra care when packing and storing. Below are a few tips for these items:

For particularly valuable items, you might want to consider a White Glove service via the removal company. 

For any large equipment or machinery, you may want to consider professional packing. This can often be an add-on service with moving companies. They can pack and move heavy or awkward items, avoiding accidents or damage.

Final Checks and Top Tips 

Settling In

Once the dust settles and the moving team have done their part, you can get creative with your new space. Take time to review the layout of your new base before unpacking. Moving can often be a great so plan how you want the space to look and be an opportunity to reflect your brand’s personality and keep you and your team inspired. 

And don’t just stop inside the building. Get to know the surrounding neighbourhood. See if you can collaborate with other small businesses and get the word out about your brand or business. 

Final Thoughts

Using the above steps can set you up for a great start at your new location. Moving can be a stressful time, especially for a business, but it doesn’t have to be. Careful planning and enlisting the help of professionals can ensure a smooth move. 

Intro image by Karolina Grabowska – Pexels.com

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