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Jacket Required – Men’s Society


jr mens society 2The first thing you notice is the quality of the packaging and product design. As one of the founders of the Innocent smoothie brand commented recently

“It’s all about the packaging.” The other good news is they are all English made, manufactured around Lincolnshire. It’s a brand that has distribution in Europe and for the last two years has a US brand ‘Izola’ and also white labels for other brands and includes collaborations. Plus they have an own brand Portland that has introduced the sciences found in women’s products to men’s skincare and the pre and post shaving regime.

And not surprisingly perhaps, just like our friend men’s underwear, the main buyer of the products at key times of the year (Valentine’s Day) birthdays, father’s day etc., are women. So, as Lucy Williams, the account manager explained to me, “the ‘aesthetics of the product are even more important, because they are being sold to women, including their propensity towards buying lots of small gifts, factored into the range.” So, not surprisingly there are some key women behind Portland, Bella Middleton and Misa Zahar figuring out the product positioning (and much more) and a couple of chaps too. All outdoors sports fanatics magnetically drawn together by adrenalin and nature by the looks of their website.

When you look a bit closer at the products you will see a boy’s own treasure trove of men things that women are attracted to and sensibly priced – nothing much above £50, and the average £20-£30. Hair and beard grooming kits – they must have loved the explosion of the hipster style in the last few years, with no sign of abating with their Hipster Kit. A great looking Gin Kit for £50, the inspired Campfire Kit (what a great alternative leisure activity. Don’t burn down the forests please.) A Weekender Wash Kit, and a Cocktail Kit and many more.  The Portland range is higher end grooming, a Shaving Kit retailing for £65. I liked this brand. It looks like what it says it is and it does it with aplomb. I glanced at their UK/ International trade show list for 2016. It’s no wonder they are getting the distribution they are. Good effort Lucy putting in the miles and good luck with the drive to Atlanta.

jr mens society


By Paul Markevicius 

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