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Men’s Wedding Band Trends for SS22


While many grooms disregard wedding rings, they are crucial elements that mark the beginning of (and commitment to) the marriage journey.

Other than signifying love for one another, a wedding band functions as a daily reminder of the day one made lifelong commitments to their significant other. 

Traditionally men’s wedding bands were plain platinum or gold with no ornamentations. However, today things have changed. Diamond and gemstone-encrusted men’s wedding rings are becoming more fashionable among men. 

Here are some of the men’s wedding band trends you should expect to see in the coming Spring/Summer 22 season.

  1. Wooden Wedding Bands

Rings made of materials other than metal are becoming more fashionable, and wood is a highly suggested non-metal alternative. Besides being a mark of union and commitment to your spouse, wood represents a person’s inherent connectedness to nature.

That means a wooden wedding band could become a part of the wearer’s life in a manner that most materials cannot. 

The best bit about wooden bands is that they are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, durable, comfortable, warm, appealing, and most importantly, personal. All these make wood the best material to craft beautiful men’s wedding bands for a stylish look.

  1. Gold Wedding Ring

In the metal world, gold is one of the few that will never lose value and is considered the great-great-grandfather, as far as jewelry metals are concerned. There are numerous hues of gold, from yellow to white to rose, and everything in between. 

Often, carats are used to show the purity of gold jewelry. 24-carat gold, for example, is 100 percent gold, but 18-carat gold is just around 75 percent gold. Because pure gold is too delicate to be worn daily, gold wedding rings are alloyed with other metals to add strength.

For males, yellow gold is a classic option that may be used in both traditional and antique wedding ring settings. However, you might want to consider white gold if you are looking for the most durable of all the different types of gold.

  1. Black Diamond Wedding Band

Black diamond wedding rings for males have become increasingly popular and will stay in demand for years. These men’s wedding bands have a manly design that gives them a classy look. The best thing is that you can have a custom-made design to ensure your black diamond wedding band matches your unique style.

  1. Black Cobalt Wedding Rings

Black cobalt wedding rings come in a wide range of designs. Most of them have a black and silver colour scheme that stands out. Whether the rings have a black design in the center and silver-coloured sides, or black cutouts on the sides and silver in the center, black cobalt wedding bands are so attractive that you cannot help but swoon over every single one of them.

  1. Diamond Studded Wedding Band

Precious stones are not limited to the bride’s ring only. There are many creative ways to incorporate diamonds in a man’s ring, even if the groom does not like the sparkle. 

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