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Meet The ‘Derry Design Collective’ – Heading to London Soon


The last mentoring session with Fashion Enter and the Derry Fashion & Textile Design Centre included a pitching session for each of the 15 designers. When I was a Senior Buyer at Arcadia we did bring in brands that literally had to pitch for business.

Woe betides the designer that was late! They became flustered, hot, panicky and basically so on the back-foot before they even started they were destined to fail.

However, the Derry designers were all organized, some more than others. They all had their unique story to tell. Most were prepared on price and margins and all have to be ready with MOU and price differentials! We discussed how never to give out a price until you know the supplier’s discount terms i.e. NDC discount and prompt settlement. That’s a sure way to lose money!

The pitching session was a full day and the ten winners are now coming to London on 13th – 15th February!

The final 10 are:

  1. Andrew McAllister
  2. Emma Kirwan
  3. Alan Creswell
  4. Agne
  5. Orla Philips
  6. Hannah Vail
  7. Nicole Scott
  8. Emma Curtis
  9. Joanne Doherty
  10. Edele O’Kane

Looking forward to meeting you all again where we shall be discussing ethical trading and how to spot disreputable manufacturing practices and open costings. – Jenny Holloway.

Joanne Doherty comments:

“Jenny is a fantastic speaker and really inspirational to everyone in the industry!”

More on the Derry Design Collective soon.

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