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Meet Sharon Royer: Costume Designer & Pattern Cutting Student


Level 2 pattern cutting student Sharon Royer recently showed the team images of her stunning costume designs and they were all blown away. Her dramatic carnival costumes include bespoke pieces such as Victoria Secret style wings, ornate headpieces and embellished bodywear. One of her designs was also selected as a display exhibit at the London Transport Museum.

Here is what Sharon had to say about the pattern cutting course at the Fashion Technology Academy:

“I have completed Level 1 and I am now finishing Level 2 in pattern cutting. The aesthetics of my type costume design is very different from clothing design, but I’ve found that this course has been amazing. I’ve been learning about ways to manipulate patterns to create different fashion looks, the way different fabrics behave, and touching on elements of fashion design history to present day fashion and beyond. 

“I’ve learnt a new found respect to just buying a garment, and how many elements of production that one garment has to go through to become that finished piece. My tutor, Julia Burrows has been amazing, even though the classroom is fast-paced and energizing, she always finds time to give you one-on-one attention. 

“I would highly recommend anyone interested in fashion design and patterns to take this course, the staff are friendly helpful and very supportive in helping you in your fashion career moving forward.”


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