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Masterclass of the Week: Effective Trend Prediction for Your Brand


Get the inside track on Fashion Forecasting, discover developing silhouettes, fabrics and colours for SS20 and learn how to apply this knowledge to your own designs and style.

Experienced Fashion Forecaster Lester DC Pedersen will present a two-hour masterclass on ‘Effective Trend Prediction for Your Brand’ at the Fashion Technology Academy HQ on Wednesday 17th April.

“In this masterclass, I’ll reveal how to use techniques to tap into your own intuition and instincts. We’ll look at working practices and methods to get the best out of trend information, while staying true to own vision and the personal identity of your brand.”

She will reveal the process of developing trends from research through to finished product design.

The Masterclass will include:

+ A unique, behind-the-scenes look at the research and analysis that form fashion trends

+ TRENDZOOM – presentation of the key colours and trends for Spring/Summer 2020

+ Techniques to get the best out of forecasting and how to apply this information to your brand

+ How to develop your own personal style of trend forecasting to keep your brand on track

Lester is the Creative Director and one of the founding partners of the Trendzoom Fashion Forecasting Service. She is a highly creative individual who is involved in every stage of forecasting, from in-depth research through to design development and CAD illustration.

After studying Fashion & Textiles at The Northern School of Art and interning with cult brand BodyMap, Lester’s fashion career began with the launch of her own brand “Tree”, a youthful jersey collection sold in Affleck’s Palace, Manchester. A subsequent move to London introduced her to the vibrant ‘Rag Trade’, where she worked as designer/pattern-cutter for brands supplying major High Street multiples in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia and the USA. She has experience designing for different market sectors including tailoring, soft separates, jerseywear, outerwear and swimwear. After rising through the ranks to head designer she took a break to start a family, later returning into more flexible freelance work.

Lester’s switch into Forecasting began when she landed a design/illustrator position with The Fashion Service, a forecasting company based in New York with an R&D office in London. She describes this as her ‘light-bulb’ moment and, under the guidance of Linda Arnaud, Creative Director of TFS, and later Chris Gilbert, she learned the craft of fashion forecasting. After working for some time balancing a career in forecasting with working as a design consultant to a variety of brands in London, she decided to start her own forecasting service.

In 1998, in partnership with her husband, Fashioninformation.com launched, it was the first online version of a traditional trend service. The ground-breaking company has since rebranded as Trendzine Fashion Information Media Network, which includes the TRENDZOOM forecasting service, trendPX streetstyle galleries and the Fashion Information blog.

Lester is a down-to-earth forecaster, aware of the commercial limitations of production and the challenges today’s designers face. Her love of fashion and her experience in the industry is the driving force behind her work as a successful trend forecaster.

She comments: “There is not enough emphasis on design and originality, designers need to find a voice of their own and have something worthy to say that connects to people first. The forecasts that I work on really tap into the stuff that matters, the bigger picture that shapes the trends and moulds the products. 

“‘Trends’ have become synonymous with fast fashion and the idea that it’s trends that cause the excesses and problems of waste product. Instead I consider trends to be about getting the product right in the first place, creating a connection to the consumer by staying in tune with what’s happening globally and producing something that will give customers joy and extend the life of the product.”

To book your place at this informative masterclass click here.

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