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Made To Demand: FEL Fulfilment Centre for LGB Alliance


Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is thrilled to offer its on-demand print, production and fulfilment service to the LBG Alliance.

Formed in 2019 and registered as a charity in 2021, LGB Alliance exists to provide support, advice, information and community to men and women who are same-sex attracted.

Kate Barker, LBG Alliance CEO, is working with the FEL team in Haringey to provide fulfilment for their new range of 100% cotton t-shirts featuring their logo.

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway comments: “This is a whole new chapter for FEL. We are so delighted to be working with Kate Barker, CEO at LGB Alliance, on our first fully factored fulfilment order. 

We have produced the T-shirts in a range of black and white UK based fabrics from Leicester; the fabric is then sewn in our ethical factory in Haringey and we print using the most sustainable printer in the world today, with Kornit’s Presto. 

Kate advises us of orders coming in so we print-to-demand and then fully prepare the T’s for despatch complete with paperwork. We then diligently trot off to the post office and organise the post and tracker for the customer. 

We will now be offering this service to all of our designers that we work with in the Fashion Studio too, this is the future – helping each other, making to demand and producing in the UK.

To find out more about FEL’s made-to demand printing and production service visit: https://www.fashioncapital.co.uk/sampling-production/digital-fabric-printing-service/ 

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