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Look Who’s Back at the Stitching Academy – Leyla!


The original founder of the highly successful ‘Stitching Academy,’ based at Fashion Enter and the Fashion Technology Academy (FTA) supported by ASOS.com, is back!

Leyla Mehmet has over 40-years experience in stitching and pattern making. She started stitching when she was 15 and has never stopped since! She has run her own studios, factories and was the founding tutor at the Fashion Enter and ASOS.com Stitching Academy.

CEO of Fashion Enter and the FTA Jenny Holloway commented:

“Leyla is a diamond! Naturally skilled and highly talented it’s wonderful to have her back. Leyla has been globetrotting for the past nine-months and just wanted to spread her wings! Why not indeed! Life is for living. I am genuinely delighted she’s coming back and how lucky our learners are!”

Leyla said:

“I can see how manufacturing is coming back to the UK. Fashion Enter is so busy now compared to when I left – it’s good for everyone. I loved my job in the Stitching Academy and I have helped 100’s of people to learn a much-needed skill and to stitch properly. It’s good to be back!”

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