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Local Initiatives at Fashion Enter and the FTA


Fashion Enter opened its doors to its local community and schools in the borough in two separate initiatives this month (July 2019). First up the ‘Career’s Open Day’ in collaboration with Haringey Mayor – Councillor Peacock saw learners and tutors from Gladesmoore Community School, South Tottenham take a tour of the Factory and learn all about the many steps of the garment life cycle. The impetus behind this Open Day was to demonstrate the wide range of careers available in the fashion manufacturing sector and that there is a lot more to the industry than just ‘design.’

The learners were engaged and involved as they took the Factory Tour and spoke to Katarina, Chris, Beth, Angela, Elle, Claire, Ana and Julia about their jobs and day to day working lives. The group also played a fun game of ‘spot the bestseller’ and found out about the various pathways on offer at the FTA.

CEO Jenny Holloway added: “It was great to engage with the pupils of Gladesmoore Community School. They were totally engaged, bright and a credit to their school. If we want to put pattern and stitching skills on the map then we need school engagement. It was a pleasure to have Gladesmoore Community School here and again marvellous to see Cllr Sheila Peacock too.”

Kimberley Joseph, Senior Regeneration Communications Officer at Haringey Council said: “I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to come along to the school tour yesterday (8th July). I was incredibly impressed with the format and delivery. The young people were so excited and engaged throughout. The visit definitely inspired them.”

The second local initiative took place two days later on the 10th of July as a part of Haringey’s Festival of Learning. Local residents were invited to take a good look around the Factory and FTA and get insight on the manufacturing services, apprenticeships and courses that we provide. Visitors were able to: tour the factory, take part in a pattern cutting exercise (half size inverted pleated skirt), sew a wallet and talk to apprentices about their experience on the job/course.

Elle Argyriou, Garment Technologist said: “Participants were very keen, I was happy to exchange all my knowledge and answer questions about our live factory. It was fun meeting people, seeing their passion for wanting to create their own label but not knowing where to start and I gave them advice. We went through the processes, how a simple sketch leads into different stages of production, right through to finishing and packing and how garments are presented to the customer.”

Esme, FTA Operations Manageradded: “I am very pleased that our FTA tutors and attendees thoroughly enjoyed our Fashion Enter Open Day. Some of the prospective learners expressed an interest in our Stitching, Pattern Cutting and Apprenticeship jobs and will be signing up for our September 2019 intake.

“We will be pleased to make referrals for provision offered by Haringey Adult Learning Service HALS as some learners expressed an interest in their programmes. Thank you to Haringey’s Festival of Learning and HALS for involving us. We look forward to more community based events who can improve local training and employment opportunities.” 

Feedback from attendees included:

“Plenty of useful information and I learned all about pattern cutting and apprenticeships with the company.”

“I enjoyed every part. The apprenticeship presentation was fantastic. I’d be very interested in joining.”

“I got to learn about the different options available. The existence of the variety of positions within the industry along with the variety of apprenticeships.”

“I have learned how to make and cut out a small pleated skirt which I really enjoyed so much and has taken my understanding as a beginner to another level.”

The Festival of Learning Haringey, organized by Haringey Adult Learning Service, aims to get local residents involved with what goes on in their borough and encourage them to pursue training in a particular field.

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