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#LFW40 Jack Irving: Imagination Unleashed Via Cutting Edge Technology


Lee Lapthorne’s On|Off initiative founded in 2002, has consistently championed new creative fashion talent, in what is a notoriously competitive industry. With a passion for innovation and artistic expression On|Off, for the last few seasons, has hand-picked designers that are utilising new technology in their design, production and presentation choices.

For AW24 On|Off focused on the extraordinary talent of Jack Irving. Attendees to Jack’s ‘Amphitrite’ live installation held in Spitalfields, were transported into another dimension and confronted with otherworldly models in wearable, inflatable sculptures. 

Set on rotating platforms, the models were transformed into part alien, part subterranean creatures, in Jack’s large-scale, fluid designs. Meanwhile, a forth model appeared as a hologram providing a multifaceted tech fest that can truly showcase Jack’s monumental imagination.

While this certainly wasn’t fashion you’d ‘pop out to the shops’ in, it was unbridled creativity unleashed through the medium of cutting-edge technology.

Lee Lapthorne, Director of On|Off said: “I am excited to be working with Jack again and embracing cutting-edge technology, such as advanced video projection systems and holographic technology to create an immersive experience, in collaboration with Jack. Integrating state-of-the-art technologies with artificial intelligence opens up a realm of possibilities for creative expression and innovation within the world of fashion and art.”

If you are looking to find out more about how technology is innovating the fashion design and manufacturing sector then please visit Fashion-Enter’s Styleverse Innovation Centre and micro factory in Haringey North London. From behind the scenes tours and learning, to design using Style3D Studio and Optitex, to small run print and production tap here to find out more.

By JoJo Iles

Images by Chris Daw

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