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Level 1 Stitching – Learner Feedback from Academic Year 2020/21


By 2012 Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) realised that there was a large gap in the skills requirement for stitching. The factory was growing year-on-year and whilst Eastern Europe provided a flow of skilled machinists FEL realised that there was an urgent need to start to train UK based stitchers.

A review of the current qualifications for stitching by FEL highlighted how poor the stitching skills were so FEL set to work with John West (now based at UKFT as Skills Director) to create industry required qualifications that would support a new generation of UK based industrial machinists.

This was a major undertaking as FEL educational staff had no previous information on how to write qualifications and ensure that criteria was fully covered to create a quality award and certificate. However, the team rolled up their sleeves and started to work on the areas of knowledge. 

The resulting criteria for Stitching Level 1 was approved…

What you will study:

You will study 3 units, each 4 credits which, upon successful completion, will gain you the ABC Level 1 Award in Fashion and Textiles.

Using Industrial Sewing Machinery, 4 credits

In this unit you will develop their skills in the use of industrial sewing machinery. This includes how to identify the main parts of an overlocker and flatbed straight stitch machines, demonstrate how to thread them correctly, insert the bobbin, adjust the tension and produce a range of sewing tests.

Industrial Sewing Operations, 4 credits

In this unit you will develop skills in the use of industrial sewing machinery. This includes how to use a lockstitch machine to produce a range of seam and hem samples, join fabric with an overlocker and adjust stitch tension appropriately to achieve a suitable finish.

Inspection of Finished Sewn Products, 4 credits

In this unit you will learn about the inspection process involved when inspecting finished sewn products. You will then be required to demonstrate that you can inspect finished products. This includes recognising what happens after a passed and failed inspection and identifying the relevant tools, machinery and documents needed during the inspection process.

Each year the workbooks and handbooks are updated and the FEL education section expanded to create a Fashion Technology Academy in 2015 following the highly successful launch of the FEL Stitching Academy with ASOS in 2014.

So 7-years on from the launch of the Stitching Academy and the creation of the qualification for stitching by FEL and ABC Awards (now SEG) what exactly do the learners have to say about our courses…

Learner A said: “I’ve been learning new skills and having an amazing tutor Ana to guide me through.”

Learner B said: “It was insightful having people working on different tasks around at all times and to get inspired and learn from them.”

“I really enjoyed nearly everything about the course. It was a great experience and I have never enjoyed going to school!” – learner C.

“I learnt to stitch with a flat bed, overlocker, cover stitch and binding machine as well as cutting the fabric more effectively and creating garments.” – learner D said.

“I enjoyed seeing the development and improvements of my skills.”commented learner E.

Tap here to find out more about the Level 1 course in Stitching at Fashion-Enter’s Fashion Technology Academy.

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