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Leicester Community Renewal Fund – Invitation to Tender for Website Development


The Leicester Textiles Renewal Programme 

Invitation to Tender for Website Development (Capacity Register and Etail Site Wireframe)

  1. Background:

Leicester City Council is a public body that supports business growth and compliance of Leicester’s textiles industry. Leicester City Council distributes funding from the UK Government and provides support through statutory, advocacy and influencing activities. 

Leicester’s textiles were prominent from the mid-19th Century. The success of its hosiery and footwear industries led to the growth of textiles giants and the claim that “Leicester clothes the world”. Leicester’s growth in textiles manufacture drove economic development in the interwar period and was followed by largescale offshoring and manufacturing decline from the 1980s.  In recent years, repatriation of producers, buoyed by low-cost fast-fashion models has created a local industry embedded in brand relationships, exhibiting low profit margins, with low productivity. Leicester’s textiles industry has also been, the subject of intense media scrutiny about its ethical compliance. 

Leicester City Council, in partnership with De Montfort University and Fashion Enter Ltd are working to support reorientation of the textiles sector. The Leicester Textiles Renewal Project seeks to reposition and regrow Leicester’s textiles, through a programme of economic development, with dedicated activities for: 

  1. Intelligence – driving supply chain effectiveness and a manufacturing sector development plan. Led by De Montfort University.
  2. Skills – delivering a programme of accredited skills training through the Fashion Technology Academy. Led by Fashion Enter.
  3. Grants – providing business grant support to drive local productivity. Led by Leicester City Council.
  4. Innovation – developing plans for business innovation, technological advancements, and knowledge transfer. Led by De Montfort University. 
  5. Compliance – providing compliance support for local manufacturers. Led by Fashion Enter.
  6. Capacity – developing a capacity register to promote local manufacturing capability, to reorientate the profile of Leicester textiles. Led by Fashion Enter and Leicester City Council. 

This project has received £500,000 from the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund (CRF). The UK Community Renewal Fund is a UK Government programme for 2021/22. 

  1. Specification:

To support us in delivering this role, Fashion Enter Ltd are seeking to appoint a web developer to develop and maintain a unique portal dedicated to fashion and highlighting diversity, heritage and inclusivity of Leicester manufacturers.  

The main aspects of the website are:   

The design of the website has to capture the origins of the area and provide a history. The site needs to be fully interactive with sellers and consumers. Careful attention has to be made to the layout, colours, typography and, most importantly, the voice, photography / videography of the website and the looks to give a feel of a modern Fashion Brands/retailers e-commerce website. The website has to be easy to use and will rely on the manufacturers updating their profiles. 

Site map for Capacity Register:



Get listed

Directory categories:  

Apparel:  Design and Manufacture
Knitwear: Design and Manufacture
Fabric: Manufacturers and/or supplier
Accessories & Footwear:  Manufacturer and/or Supplier
Components:  Manufacturer and/or Supplier
Finishing and Embellishment: Dyeing & Finishing, Printing and/or Embellishment 
Textiles Technology – Machinery /Service Provider
Home furnishings / Technical Textiles – Manufacturer

Sub Filtering

In order to ensure the website visitors, buyers and/or users visiting the website searching for manufacturers can shortlist businesses based on the manufacturers specialism and their pr contact the appropriate manufacturers, please include sub areas of services: 

Category – Apparel : Design and/or Manufacturer
In-house capabilities:Apparel Designing                    ☐ Apparel Manufacturing (CMT)    ☐
Ability to work with: 
Jersey Fabric ☐ Woven Fabric  ☐

Areas to specialise in:
Women   ☐Men ☐Kids ☐

Baby     ☐Boys ☐Girls  ☐
☐Active sportswear☐Active sportswear☐Bags☐Active sportswear☐Active sportswear
☐Blouses☐Coats & Jackets☐Coats & Jackets☐Coats & Jackets☐Blouses
☐Bridal wear☐Corporate wear☐Dungarees☐Hoodies & Sweatshirts☐Coats & Jackets
☐Coats & Jackets☐Hoodies & Sweatshirts☐Dresses☐Jeans☐Dancewear
☐Corporate wear☐Jeans☐Hats☐Loungewear☐Dresses
☐Corsetry☐Loungewear☐Gloves & Scarves☐Polo Shirts☐Fleeces
☐Dancewear☐Polo Shirts☐Jeans☐Shirts☐Hoodies & Sweatshirts
☐Dresses☐Shirts☐Jumpsuits & Playsuits☐Shorts☐Jeans
☐Fleeces☐Shorts☐Snowsuits & Pram suits☐Socks☐Jumpsuits & Playsuits 
☐Hoodies & Sweatshirts☐Socks☐Sweatshirts ☐Suits☐Leggings
☐Jumpsuits & Playsuits ☐Swimwear☐T-shirts & Vests☐T-shirts & Vests☐Loungewear
☐Leggings☐T-shirts & Vests☐Trousers & Chinos☐Tracksuits☐Party wear
☐Lingerie & Nightwear☐Tracksuits☐Underwear☐Trousers & Chinos☐Shirts
☐Loungewear☐Trousers & ChinosOther, Please list☐Underwear☐Shorts
☐Maternity wear☐Underwear
Other, Please list☐Skirts
☐Party wearOther, Please list


☐Swimwear & beachwear



☐Swimwear & beachwear


Other, Please list



Other, Please list

Category – Knitwear – Design & Manufacture
Areas to specialise in:
Women   ☐Men ☐Kids ☐

Baby     ☐Boys ☐Girls  ☐
☐ Cardigans☐ Cardigans☐Cardigans☐ Cardigans☐ Cardigans
☐Capes☐ Jackets☐Sweaters☐ Jackets☐Capes
☐Dresses☐ Jumpers & Pullover☐Hats☐ Jumpers & Pullover☐Dresses
☐Shirts☐ Loungewear☐Gloves & Scarves☐ Loungewear☐Shirts
☐Scarves☐ Polo Shirts☐Shawls☐ Polo Shirts☐Scarves
☐Skirts☐ Scarves☐Other, please list☐ Scarves☐School Jumpers & Cardigan
☐Sweaters☐ Socks
☐ School jumpers & Cardigan☐Skirts
☐ Socks☐Sweaters
☐Other, please list☐ T-Shirts

☐Other, please list
☐ T-Shirts☐Other, please list

☐Other, please list

Material that we can work with:

☐ Cashmere Wool

☐ Merino Wool

☐ Wool Blend

☐ Acrylic

☐ Cotton

☐ British Wool

☐ Other, please list

Category – Fabric Manufacturers & Suppliers
We are Fabric:Manufacturer  ☐ Supplier ☐
Able to manufacture and/or supply with:

Knitted & Jersey Fabric ☐ Woven Fabric ☐
Material we manufacture and/or Supply:
☐Acrylic☐Lace☐Silk blends
☐Cashmere☐Lamb’s wool☐Suede
☐Cotton☐Leather / leatherette☐Tweeds
☐Cotton (organic)☐Linen☐Velour
☐Cotton blends☐Linen blends☐Velvet
☐Flannel☐Nylon☐Wool blends
☐Fleece☐Nylon Blend☐Wool organic
☐Imitation suede☐Polyester blends☐Other, Please list:
Category – Accessories & Footwear Manufacturers
We are manufacturers of: Accessories ☐ Footwear ☐
Accessories Filter List
Women   ☐Men ☐Kids ☐

Baby     ☐Boys ☐Girls  ☐
☐ Bags & Purses☐ Bags☐ Bags☐ Bags☐ Bags & Purses
☐Hair Accessories☐Hats☐ Shawls☐Hats☐Hair Accessories
☐Hats☐Scarves☐ Socks☐Scarves☐Hats
☐Scarves☐Socks☐Other, please list☐Socks☐Scarves
☐Socks & Tights☐Ties
☐Ties☐Socks & Tights
☐Other, please list☐Wallets
☐Wallets☐Other, please list

☐Other, please list
☐Other, please list

Footwear Filter List
Women   ☐Men ☐Kids ☐

Baby     ☐Boys ☐Girls  ☐
☐ Boots☐ Boots☐ Slip-on☐ Boots☐ Boots
☐ Espadrilles☐ Flip Flops☐Other, please list☐ Flip Flops☐ Espadrilles
☐ Flip Flops☐ Shoes
☐ Shoes☐ Flip Flops
☐ Shoes☐ Sandals
☐ Sandals☐ Shoes
☐ Sandals☐ Slippers
☐ Slippers☐ Sandals
☐ Slippers☐ Trainers
☐ Trainers☐ Slippers
☐ Trainers☐Other, please list
☐Other, please list☐ Trainers
☐Other, please list

☐Other, please list

Category – Components Manufacturers and/or Suppliers



☐Crests &Badges



☐Fusing tape



☐Piping Cord


☐Sewing Thread

☐Shoulder pads



☐Zips and Fasteners

☐Others, Please list

Category – Finishing & Embellishment
☐SELECT ALL☐Flock printing☐Garment Printers – Sublimation Printing
☐Embroidery☐Foil Printing☐Glitter Printing
☐Fabric Brushing☐Garment Dyeing☐Lasercut
☐Fabric Dyeing and Finishing☐Garment Printers – Digital Printing☐Sequin Finishing
☐Fabric Printers – Digital Printing☐Garment Printers – Screen Printing☐Others, Please list
☐Fabric Printers – Screen Printing

Category – Home Furnishing and Technical Textiles
We specialise in:
Home Furnishing ☐Technical Textiles ☐

We service the following industry:
☐Bed sheets☐Aerospace
☐Carpets and Rugs☐Building & Construction
☐Curtains and Blinds☐Equestrian
☐Pillow cases☐Marine
☐Throws and Blankets☐Medical
☐Others, please list☐Military


☐Others, please list
Category – Textiles Technology
Areas to specialise in:
☐Customer Relationships Management System
☐Fabric Spreader and Cutting Machines
☐Knitting Machinery
☐Knitwear Machinery
☐Laser Cutting Machines
☐Pattern Grading Systems and Solutions
☐Product Lifecycle Management System
☐Sewing Machines
☐Textile Printing Equipment
☐Others, please list

Include a multi search capability


Information to include within each listing:  

Company name
Categories / specialities
Contact name 


Email address 



Company profile 

Number of employees
Date established 

Production (MOQ) 

Average weekly quantity 

Machinery and equipment  

Standards / audits (audit overview) 

CPD for staff  

VAT number 

Company reg number 

Any additional information
Location map  



Site map for etail site –  

Please note this is wire frame only. 

Homepage – photography and video content
Search – landing page to include photography and video content 

Shop within shops – fully functional B-C website that enables each brand to have their own transactions and dedicated website.  (wire frame only non-functional)
About Leicester manufacturing industry / history  

About us – CRF 

Visit – map with directions
Contact – landline and mobile 

Social media tags 

Newswire pop up – sign up at the bottom

Fashion Enter Ltd anticipates 10 shops to be live within the two-month timeframe with each seller showcasing and selling a minimum of 6 products; however, this is not guaranteed. It is therefore we are requesting a separate fixed cost per shop quotation, chargeable to the business. 


The supplier to include Web hosting from the launch of site estimated beginning April 2022 for a minimum of 6 months. The website must be secure. 

Domain name is to be confirmed. 

Maintenance and Upgrades

The supplier will be responsible to:

• Keep the open-source platform (WordPress, Magento, etc) up to date, at the most recent version

• Update any plugins or add-ons

• Manage any issues with the site arising out of the upgrade process

• Make small changes to the site layout, style sheet or graphics

• Support the website client with a reasonable number of help and support requests.

  1. Timeframe  

Within a two-month period to launch website by April 2022 

  1. Project meetings  

A minimum of four project meetings are required across the two-month period with weekly email updates on the development of the design and imagery of the website.  

  1. Additional Requirements  
  1. Budget 

Tenders are expected, for this work, up to £20,000 (exclusive of VAT).

  1. Instructions for Tenderers

It is the responsibility of the tenderer to obtain for themselves at their own expense any additional information necessary for the preparation of their tender.

All information supplied by Fashion Enter Ltd in connection with the Invitation to tender shall be treated as confidential by tenderers except that such information may be disclosed for the purpose of obtaining sureties and quotations necessary for the preparation and submission of the tender.

Written submissions providing the detail of how the tenderer meets the award criteria, this must be no more than 10 pages, completed section 9 and a detail quotation with payment terms, to be submitted to Fashion Enter Ltd. Responses must be in accordance with the relevant sections of the tender and must be in the same order and format.

A separate fixed price quotation is also required for the works to develop the individual shops. This however does not form part of the contract, 

Tenderers must submit their completed tenders to Jenni Sutton by email: jenni@fashion-enter.com

All information submitted to Fashion Enter Ltd may need to be disclosed and/or published by Fashion Enter Ltd. Without prejudice to the foregoing generality, Fashion Enter Ltd may disclose information in compliance with the Freedom of Information (England and Wales) Act 2002, any other law, or, as a consequence of judicial order, or order by any court or tribunal with the authority to order disclosure Accordingly, if you consider that any of the information included in your Tender.

If your tender is commercially confidential, please identify it and explain (in broad terms) what harm

might result from disclosure and/or publication. 

Fashion Enter Ltd reserves the right to reject any tender which, in their opinion, does not comply with the requirements.

Tenders should arrive not later than 22.2.22 at 17.00. It is the responsibility of all tenderers to ensure that their tender is delivered not later than the appointed time. 

Fashion Enter Ltd reserves the right to withdraw the requirement at any stage prior to the award of the contract. Fashion Enter Ltd reserves the right to amend the tender documents at any time prior to the deadline for receipt of tenders. 

The successful tenderer will be selected on the basis of the most economically advantageous bid, throughout the tender process as a whole, having regard to the price and quality of the proposals against defined evaluation criteria. 

  1. Award Criteria

An evaluation panel will individually score the tenderer’s responses to the specification of requirements against the pre-determined scoring and weighting criteria. The evaluation panel will rank the supplier proposals by the total score. The tender evaluation panel will then meet and allocate/agree a final score utilising a mean average score.

Criteria and Weighting:

The criteria weighting for the project are:

CriteriaMaximum pointsWeighting
1Proposed methodology and approach2015%
2Skills & Experience including examples of similar development2015%
3The Gross and Net Price (The supplier should provide an itemised breakdown of costs including number of days)N/A70%

Scoring Evaluation Methodology:

The scoring for criteria will be based on the following point system. 

PointsQuality of Response
20Excellent – Exceptional demonstration by the Tenderer of the relevant ability, understanding, experience, skills, resources and quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with evidence to support the response.
15Good – Above average demonstration by the Tenderer of the relevant ability, understanding, experience, skills, resources and quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with evidence to support the response.
10Average – Demonstration by the Tenderer of the relevant ability, understanding, experience, skills, resources and quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with evidence to support the response.
5Fair – Some minor reservations of the Tenderer’s relevant ability, understanding, experience, skills, resources & quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with limited evidence to support the response.
2Poor – Considerable reservations of the Tenderer’s relevant ability, understanding, experience, skills, resources and quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with little or no evidence to support the response.
0Very Poor – Does not comply and/or insufficient information provided to demonstrate that the Tenderer has the ability, understanding, experience, skills, resource and quality measures needed to meet this requirement, with little or no evidence to support the response. 

Formulas for Final Scoring: 

Pricing:                 Value of the Cheapest Quote received__________________                     

Tenderer Quote value x Weighting for Criteria

Others: Score awarded based on tenderer’s response_______

Maximum score available (20) x Weighting for the relevant criteria 

Final Scoring: Percentage scores of pricing and non-pricing elements of criteria added together.

The Tenderer, with the highest combined Quality and Price score will be issued a contract. 

  1. Background Details, Business Probity, and Insurance


Please complete and return the following Background information. All personal information supplied will be treated as confidential and will be subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.

1. Name of Organisation

(Organisation either tendering or acting as lead contact where a consortium bid is being submitted)

2. Address for all correspondence (Including town/city and postcode)

3. Contact details for enquiries (Contact name and title), email and telephone number. 

4. Do you have professional indemnity insurance cover? Yes/No. 

5. If you have answered “yes”, please provide details of your professional indemnity cover. 

6. Address of Registered Office (Property name, street, town, county, postcode if applicable)

7. Nature of Organisation (e.g., Plc, Partnership etc)

8. Names of the current company directors, or any other person having powers of representation or control of the organisation (This information is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998)

9. VAT Registration Number (where applicable)

10. Dun and Bradstreet Number (if known) of registered office.

11. In relation to provision of the service, will your organisation be bidding as a consortium, joint 

venture or other arrangement? Yes / No

12. If you have answered “Yes” to the question above then please provide the

 following information: consortium lead name; the name and address of each proposed member of the consortium; if the consortium is legally constituted, details of the constitution of, and percentage interests of each member of, the consortium; and the role which each member of the consortium (whether or not the consortium is legally constituted) will perform and their estimated percentage involvement in delivery of the Authority’s requirements.

13. Will you be using sub-contractors to meet sections of this requirement?


14. If you have answered “Yes” to the above question please provide details for each

consortium members and key subcontractors, the goods and service they will provide and the percentage of their contribution in relation to the overall contract.

15. Is your organisation registered at companies house? Yes/No

16. If you have answered ‘yes’ to the above question then please provide your registration number.

Any tender that does not accord with all the requirements herein and in the covering

letter may not be considered.

Business Probity

Your response will be rejected if the answer to any of the following questions is “Yes”. 

Failure to disclose information relevant to this section or serious misrepresentation in relation to the information disclosed will result in your exclusion from this procurement process or the termination of any subsequent contract that may be awarded to you.

17. Please indicate if the organisation or its directors or any other person(s) having powers of representation, decision or control of the organisation been convicted of any of the following offences.

  1. The common law offence of conspiracy  
  2. Corruption within the meaning of section 1(2) of the Public Bodies Corrupt Practices Act 1889 or section 1 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906, where the offence relates to active corruption as defined in Article 3 of the Council Act of 26th May 1997 and
  3. Article 3 (1) of the Council Joint Action 98/742/JHA;
  4. Bribery or corruption 
  5. The common law offence of incitement to commit a crime.
  6. Fraud, with the meaning of:
    • the offence of cheating the revenue;
    • the common law offence of fraud;
    • the common law offence of theft or fraud;
    • fraudulent trading 
  7. money laundering within the meaning of section 340(11) of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 or the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, or an offence in connection with proceeds of drug trafficking within the meaning of sections 49, 50 or 51 of the Drug Trafficking Act 1994.

18. Are you an individual in respect of whom a debt relief order has been made or is bankrupt or has had a receiving order or administration order or bankruptcy restriction order or a debt relief restriction order made against them or has made any composition or arrangement with or for the benefit of creditors or has made any conveyance or assignment for the benefit of creditors or appears unable to pay, or to have no reasonable prospect of being able to pay, a debt within the meaning of section 268 of the Insolvency Act 1986(d), or article 242 of the Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989(e), or in Scotland has granted a trust deed for creditors or become otherwise apparently insolvent, or is the subject of a petition presented for sequestration of your estate, or is the subject of any similar procedure under the law of any other state? Yes/No. 

19. Are you a company or any other entity within the meaning of section 255 of the Enterprise Act 2002(f) which has passed a resolution or is the subject of an order by the court for the company’s winding up otherwise than for the purpose of bona fide reconstruction or amalgamation, or has had a receiver, manager or administrator on behalf of a creditor appointed in respect of the company’s business or any part thereof or is the subject of the above procedures or is the subject of similar procedures under the law of any other state?

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