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Learn to Pattern Cut Like A Pro


As the saying goes there are two types of fashion designer – one that can drape, cut and sew and one that can’t. A designer that understands a garment inside out is clearly at a distinct advantage. It was no coincidence that the exaggerated, razor sharp cuts created by late Alexander McQueen were the result of his acquired cutting skills thanks to his apprenticeship on Savile Row.

Want to learn how to pattern cut like a master then look no further:  The Fashion Technology Academy’s (FTA) Perfect Patterns courses are ABC accredited. They are hands-on courses that teach practical skills right from the start. The courses are suitable for those wishing to enter the clothing industry, designer graduates, small business start-ups, pattern cutters and home sewers. Students are taught how to make flat patterns using a range of techniques and methods.

You will learn how to:

– Take accurate body measurements for fit.

– Draft blocks (or slopers) from personal and specific measurements.

– Make and fit toiles.

– Adapt basic blocks for styles.

– Lay planning and fabric rating.

– Produce finished industrial patterns.

Methods taught are used in industry and include Telestia. Our tutors have over 25 years’ experience in the fashion industry.

Level 1 ABC Award in Fashion & Textiles – Runs Monday to Thursday for 5 weeks.

This course covers drafting bodice and skirt blocks and adaptations and a short manufacture unit using industrial machinery.

Level 2 ABC Certificate in Fashion & Textiles – Runs Monday to Thursday for 10 weeks.

This course covers drafting bodice, skirt, dress and trouser blocks and adaptions and an introduction to industrial machinery.

Courses available throughout the year, additional courses in TR Pattern Cutting, Production Pattern Cutting and Tailoring are also available to find out more click here.

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