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Fashion Enter Apprentices Attend the Frida Kahlo Exhibition


Inspiration in fashion comes from many sources and museum’s and exhibitions are always a good place to start. Jo Price, Fashion Enter’s Senior Lecturer took her current cohort of apprentices for an external learning experience courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum…

Jo Price: I decided to take the apprentices to the Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up exhibition, on the 8th August 2018, as they would be able to collect many ideas for design, texture and colour. Before we went in we looked around the fashion galleries. Many of the apprentices had visited the V&A before but they all enjoyed looking at the garments spanning over the decades.

The group loved the Frida Kahlo exhibition, some had never heard of her and found it historically educational, and those that had were intrigued about her life and the struggles she went through.

The exhibition included many photographs spanning her life and the final room was magnificent as it showcased her clothing on mannequins. The exhibition was touching and truly inspirational and everyone left feeling uplifted and with some creative ideas to embed into their designs.


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