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Kurt Geiger Is Suing Small Independent Clothing Label Over KG Logo


The multi-million-pound company Kurt Geiger is suing a small independent clothing label over similarities of their KG logo.  

Karen Gold is a small clothing brand and was contacted by Kurt Geiger’s representatives in October 2020 shortly after Karen had registered her trademark KG logo.

Karen commented: “I am a small clothing brand and I am surprised a multinational company like Kurt Geiger feels threatened that my logo is likely to confuse their customers!”

Independent clothing designer Karen Gold, Karen has tried to come to amicable agreement with Kurt Geiger

Karen has even accommodated their requests by changing her KG logo and ensuring Karen Gold is written underneath. She has also asked the company if they would work with her and support her in creating a logo they felt would not infringe on their trademark.  

“I am prepared to sign an undertaking stating that going forward all our products will be branded with Karen Gold written under the logo and never to use the KG logo in isolation thereby creating a distinction from Kurt Geiger.” 

Kurt Geiger however did not respond to this and instead went ahead and filed an opposition against Karen’s application which has now incurred costs for Karen.  

Here at FashionCapital we support small independent brands such as Karen Gold. It is disappointing that Kurt Geiger forged ahead with this claim and was not willing to work with Karen, or agree to the addition of her name which would clearly differentiate it from the KG logo.  

We will continue to work with Karen and support her every step of the way.

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