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Kickstarter: MakTie


Meet Mariusz Makowski, a construction engineer. Mariusz has applied his problem solving, innovative brain to fashion with his latest invention that holds a necktie firmly in place.

Mariusz explains:

‘It simply started at work. All my colleagues – managers, directors, designers – wore ties in the office. I am a site engineer so split my time equally between the office and working onsite. My job requires a lot of activity and wearing a tie was extremely uncomfortable for me.

‘The necktie or (simply) tie is part of a long tradition making professionalism, status and role. Not wearing a tie wasn’t an option. They have one big disadvantage though – uncontrolled movement.

‘I started to think about the safety implications around machinery, the awkwardness of it blowing around in the wind and just generally how conscious I was of it moving when I was. I just wanted the tie to stay still! I searched for a working solution to stabilise the tie so it could be held firmly in place. That’s when I figured out a solution for me – but also for other tie wearers.

‘Almost every man wears a tie at some time. Some men wear them more often than others but I’m sure everyone knows how annoying and frustrating an uncontrolled moving tie is.

‘Imagine how much smarter and easier it is where your tie is always in the perfect position no matter what activities you are doing. Now this is possible!

‘I have invented, designed and patented simple solution which holds a tie in position.

‘MakTie is a tie implemented with a simple and smart solution to ensure the tie stays in position against the shirt. MakTie is a traditional tie with a specially-designed hole system that allows you to connect your tie to the line of shirt buttons. Your tie will always be on point and this subtle solution will maintain your traditional look.

‘The MakTie prototype was made by the manufacturers who will be producing the final product, so the processes and tooling used for production have been completed. Our tie is now waiting to be manufactured. We’ve achieved a lot of the hard work already and we’re now confident that we know how to build quality and fashionable products.’

If you are interested in MakTie and would like to support and pre-order the product please visit the MakTie Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/maktie/maktie

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