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Keeping Warm & Stylish This Winter: How To


As the mercury drops, the need to stay warm increases and winter can be a challenge for the more style conscious amongst us. While layering up is the obvious solution, it can play havoc with your sense of personal style. You need warmth, but you also need to be able to function and complete the different activities that your day consists of, including the commute, a day in the office, a trip to the gym and going out after work. It’s a tall order. To help you, here’s how to keep warm without your style being compromised.


Not just any layering, quality layering.

Why have five layers when, if you buy sensibly, two will suffice?

You should invest in a trophy winter coat that is designed for the purpose of keeping you warm. You don’t need to sacrifice your style credentials, luxury companies such as Gloverall.com have coats that are iconic in design but are made from luxurious fabrics to keep the winter chill at bay. It is also worth investing in some luxurious cashmere or merino wool thermal underwear to ensure that you are insulated with prime wool that will trap your body’s heat and keep you snug. It means that you don’t have to compromise necklines or bulk out your outfit.

Cover up vulnerable areas

There are parts of your body that are vulnerable to the cold: head, hands, wrists, neck and feet. This is your opportunity to make a stylish impact with accessories that keep these areas covered and can be used to change the whole look of your outfit.

Going to work? A stylish felt trilby can be a smart addition to your appearance. A beanie hat can be used at the weekends, or perhaps a beret is more your style. Hats are a stylish and functional way to update your outfit. For gloves, it is best to go with a neutral colour that complements the colour and tone of your winter coat, save experimenting with colours for your scarf. Choose a scarf that suits and enhances your skin tone, so that your face is given a radiant glow, even on the dullest of winter days.

While keeping your core warm will help your extremities to keep warm, your choice of footwear will have a significant impact on how warm you feel. If your preferred shoe may be a ballet flat, in the harsh cold and wet winter conditions, they will not be the ideal choice. Choose a stylish winter boot that is lined and offers you some real insulation and protection from the cold and wear good quality wool socks.

During the average winter day, you need to be able to go from centrally heated buildings to the outdoors without feeling the extremes of temperature difference. An outfit that is carefully curated will make the transition more comfortable, without making you look unstylish. You may even find, that once you have mastered the winter look, it is your new favourite season.

Images: Street style from London Fashion Week Men’s

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