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Join Us at the Clubhouse Fashion Virtual Experience


International business development agency Global Fashion Marketplace is hosting ‘Clubhouse Fashion’, an interactive virtual event with thought-provoking discussions on the industry’s most pressing topics. On Thursday 1st October Fashion-Enter’s CEO Jenny Holloway will join Alessia Gotti, Sustainable Textiles Agent, Shivang Desai founder of Bigthinx, and Akhil Sivanandan, co-founder of Green Story to discuss the pandemic’s impact on sustainability.

Global Fashion Marketplace (GFM) is an international business development agency that supports fashion brands and enables them to reach new international markets. Its signature event Clubhouse Fashion regularly interacts with industry leaders in sustainable fashion to offer up-to-the-minute discussion, support and advice.

For the next edition on the 1st October 2020 from 12:00 – 15:30 Clubhouse Fashion will include panel discussions, standalone presentations, a virtual exhibition and opportunities for virtual networking.

Expert Panel Hosts include:


Bunny Yan is a marketing adviser turned fashion edutainer, producing a fun IGTV series on fashion that highlights the fascinating side of eco & sustainability on Instagram @sooobunny. Bunny’s super power is story-telling based on human emotion & behaviour, making the boring stuff fun again. Join her and a leading industry panel, that includes Fashion-Enter’s CEO, for a discussion around the key concerns effecting the fashion industry today.


DISCUSSION PANEL: MATERIALS OF THE FUTURE HOSTED BY: Liv Montuori – Multi-skilled Creative and Sustainability Guru

Liv Montuori is a passionate multi-skilled creative and sustainability guru trying to push the textile and fashion industries towards a more positive and transparent path. Her main focus is to implement sustainability in whatever she does, from collaborations to premium, technical or innovative tech projects she works on. Join Liv and her panel for a discussion on the materials of the future and embracing circularity in all aspects of the fashion business.


Clubhouse Fashion Virtual Experience is in partnership with the Lone Design Club (LDC). Lone Design Club, is one of the UK’s leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle omnichannel supporting independent and sustainable brands. Always on the side of innovation, LDC are cutting through the noise of a saturated fast‐fashion market and shaking up the conventional shopping experience by challenging traditional retail offerings in the form of their short term pop-ups, events and digital offerings both in the UK and internationally.

With the rise in demand from consumers for sustainable and ethically produced products, building a sustainable brand is the hot topic. Having worked with and currently supporting hundreds of sustainable brands, LDC are here to provide some answers. The belief is that technology holds the solutions and Clubhouse Fashion is a platform to support and facilitate discussions around innovation in the fashion industry.

Global Fashion Marketplace is committed to the UN sustainable development goals and is partnering with the Conscious Fashion Campaign to spread the word. Join the event to redefine fashion as we know it today. Commit to drive change to protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

To find out more about this virtual event and book your place tap here

Find out more about LDC? Visit www.lonedesignclub.com

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