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Jewellery Trends 2020 – Silver


Over the ages, women have been known to wear jewellery as a symbol of affluence, femininity and also for decorative fashion purposes.

Silver bracelets in particular, come in so many shapes, styles and designs. They range from statement silver cuffs, jangly silver bangles as well as classic charm bracelets.

While silver makes a beautiful and an attractive material not only for designers but also for jewellers, silver can provide timeless designs that work well with any outfit.

For SS 2020 designers incorporated silver pieces into their collections including:

Silver and Durability: Silver is rarely used in its purest form due to its soft nature. This is the reason why other metal alloys are added to silver in order to make it more durable.

Sterling silver for example is considered stronger than even gold. Silver jewellery is also considered light, thus making it an ideal choice for jewellery to be worn all day.

A bracelet can add a lot of interest be it bangles, stackables or even a statement cuff.

The durability nature of sterling silver bracelets ensures that they can stand up to all day use with no worry of them bending or scratching.

Easily Finished: Although silver can be prone to tarnishing, silver jewellery can be coated with anti- tarnishing agents. This gives them an extra edge against wear.

Silver coated with rhodium, for example will not only keep your silver item shiny and bright, but it will also keep it tarnish free.

Customizable: Due to its malleable nature, designers get enough room to practice their artistic freedom. This gives the customer the chance to have their dream jewellery item customized according to their exact specifications.

Styling: Silver is easy to incorporate into any style, from day to night, conservative to glamorous. For SS20 key styles were bold and oversized while remaining simple and elegant Another key style seen on the designer catwalks was the sculptural piece worn as a single choker or a single earring as seen at the likes of Phillip Lim, Tibi and Prabal Gurung.

Matching: Although it is commonly believed that jewellery should be worn in one colour, mixing of metal has become on trend over the past few years. However, take note this coming season designers opted to stick with their material of choice and let the size and shape of the piece do the talking.

Silver is considered to be the least expensive amongst the other precious metals. Investing in silver jewellery has a lot of advantages ranging from functionality, maintenance, affordability, appearance as well as weight.

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