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Is the Welsh Government Listening?


Will the Welsh Government and Welsh NHS Confederation save jobs in Newtown, Powys, Wales?

We have been waiting for NHS Wales, Welsh Government Llywodraeth Cymru / Welsh Government to announce the results for a tender for PPE.

Wales constantly proclaims that it’s green, sustainable and ethical. We (FEL) are the only bulk manufacturer in the region after saving a highly skilled workforce from the closure of Laura Ashley in 2019.

Ironically the Laura Ashley brand is celebrating its 70th anniversary this month, with a floral print phone box housing a mini-exhibition of prints and products from its 70-year history. The Gordon Brothers, bought out the brand in 2020 and launched the Laura Ashley homeware collection online and in select NEXT stores. In 2021 Batsheva took on Laura Ashley for the fashion sector, giving the brand a mid to high-end feel, all the production now takes place in India.

The results for the PPE tender were due 10th February, then mid-April and now we’re still holding on for that announcement. We want to provide these highly experienced and skilled workers with guaranteed work, safeguard their jobs and to build on the Welsh manufacturing sector for the future.

FEL Wales

Previous tenders have gone to a supplier that makes in Bangladesh – surely that can’t be right! Where is the commitment to producing ethically on home soil?

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