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Is It Really Made in the UK?


There is a general consensus that the “Made in Britain” or “Made in the UK” label represents a product that is of high quality and manufactured in an ethical environment. This view is widely regarded domestically and around the globe. However, as a UK manufacturer and advocate for workers’ rights and ethical compliance, we know all too well that “Made in the UK” does not instantly equate to high, ethical standards.

Today, 11th January 2024, national BBC news reported that fast fashion brand Boohoo had sewn “Made in the UK” labels into garments that were actually made in South Asia. BBC Panorama revealed that the original labels in plain t-shirts and hoodies had been removed and replaced at Boohoo’s state-of-the-art flagship factory in Leicester.

Boohoo responded to the BBC stating that ‘the incorrect labels were down to a misinterpretation of the labelling rules.’

Fashion-Enter Ltd Deputy CEO, Jackie Bertram, commented: “There are many high quality UK manufacturer’s that proudly make product in the UK – supporting local communities and providing good work. It’s a shame that we don’t hear these positive stories.” 

Jenny Holloway, Founder of Fashion-Enter Ltd added: “No retailer should give up on UK manufacturing. The benefits of proximity sourcing are there for everyone to assimilate. Just think of the carbon emissions that are saved. 

“The test and repeat model needs factories to work closely. Then there’s the small MOQ – who else can supply just 100 units of a style within a week!”

Boohoo, it seems, has been targeted by negative press for a number of years with regards to its manufacturing and employment standards. The Leicester flagship site at Thurmaston Lane opened in January 2022 and was hailed as a model, centre of excellence facility. Talks, prior to the miss-labelling news, are currently underway with regards to its closure.

Fashion-Enter Ltd Leicester has actively worked with local suppliers to advise on compliance and provide Workers’ Rights and Labour Exploitation courses for employees. 

Brands looking for UK manufacturers please visit: LeicesterMade.co.uk or come and visit us at Fashion-Enter Ltd in Leicester / London.

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