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Investing in the Future – Optitex Fabric Testing Unit


Over the past year Fashion-Enter has invested in cutting edge Optitex technology that enables the fashion production process to not only flow more efficiently but guarantees product quality every time.

“Fashion-Enter strives to be a centre of excellence in both quality garment manufacturing and skills training,” says FEL Founder and 35-year UK fashion industry expert Jenny Holloway. “Optitex has given us a strong and reliable 3D toolset, not only to maintain, but to strengthen our position as a leading UK training and technical skills provider. We aim to forge ahead to help bridge the digital divide in the UK’s fashion and textile industry.”

Optitex has developed groundbreaking software solutions that include 2D design and 3D visualization platforms that cover the entire supply chain. Alongside computer software Fashion-Enter has now invested in an Optitex Fabric Testing Unit (FTU).

The FTU determines physical fabric properties, an important part of the Optitex solution, and critical for achieving proper and realistic garment simulation in Optitex 3D. The Optitex FTU provides a series of devices and corresponding methods for automatic and accurate measurement of fabric weight, thickness, stretch, shear, bend and friction. The measurement methods are powered by industry standards, providing the industry with the highest level of measurement precision and reliability.

Jenny adds: “Optitex is all about working leaner and smarter, certainly not harder. We are hoping that we can create a Micro Factory to show how print and cut work in today’s retail environment with Optitex and also combine with Twine which is where you dye to match thread so there is no wastage of thread cones either.

This is an exciting time to be in production but it’s not for the faint hearted and retailers and manufacturers really do need to be joined at the hip! After in-house training we are now able to offer Optitex classes and with the addition of the Fabric Testing Unit we will be able to achieve precise garment simulation that will result in a lean and efficient supply chain for our garment factory.

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