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Inspire: Meet Emma Watkinson CEO at SilkFred


It is no surprise that the fashion world has become a billion-pound industry, with companies from all over the world creating unique trends every year. As such, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve. A huge number of leading retailers are now fighting for sales from their online audience, and with e-commerce giants Amazon releasing the Prime wardrobe service, it is more important than ever for smaller businesses to stand out and offer something brand new and innovative to attract and cater to eager buyers.

Emma Watkinson, CEO of SilkFred, spotted this growing problem and created the perfect solution – an easy to navigate online platform that cuts out all the noise of online shopping. SilkFred was specially designed to feature unique, independent designers that you won’t find on other major online retailers. They’ve been growing in popularity at an incredible rate, playing host to a large audience that relies on an innovative selection of style to add something new to their wardrobe.

We sat down with Emma (pictured right) to find out more…

Q: SilkFred has gathered a substantial following over the last year. What would you say is one of the keys to your brands success?

Emma: We’ve worked incredibly hard to differentiate our offering and continued to champion the best independent brands. We’ve always been close to our customers, constantly learning what they like, what they don’t and what they want to see next.

Q: If you were to suggest one fashion staple to your users, what would it be and why?

Emma: I think forget staples and “essentials” and treat yourself to a dress that makes you feel ready to take on the world.

Q: What is one fashion trend that you wouldn’t welcome back with open arms?

Emma: I keep an open mind and follow the customer. I try not to impose my personal taste, everyone is different and I love celebrating uniqueness. I think getting dressed should be fun, whatever that looks like.

Q: 2019 is set to be a big year for the fashion industry, what can we expect to see from SilkFred?

Emma: We’re investing heavily into our customer experience, building relationships with our customers and ensuring they have a slick experience end to end. There are other big plans in the pipeline but you’ll have to wait and see!

Q: What advice would you give to those looking to grow a brand?

Emma: Always be curious and relentless, test new things. There are so many powerful tools out there now for brands to sell online and learn more about what the customer wants to see from you. It also sounds like an obvious thing but I believe that if you keep going when most people would quit, you will get quite far.

Q: What would you say is the biggest change to the fashion industry in the last 10 years?

Emma: Online.

Q: What is your one rule in fashion?

Emma: To break them! Have fun, don’t take it too seriously.

Q: What is one item of clothing or accessory that you cannot live without?

Emma: I love too many pieces to say and I love shopping for new clothes…if I had to say though it would definitely be my jeans.

Q: Finally, where would you hope to see SilkFred in the next 5 years?

Emma: Selling more exciting fashion in the UK and growing worldwide.

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