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Why Is Parcel Delivery Important For The Fashion Industry?


As a nation, we absolutely adore fashion. Trends are always transforming, and we will always do our best to keep up with the latest fashion styles. The fascinating thing about fashion isn’t always about the speed in which it comes and goes, but actually how often trends emerge in a circular loop. Because of fashion’s popularity, parcel delivery within the industry is more important than ever, and with platforms such as https://www.parceldelivery.com/, all parcel delivery needs can be met at a cost-effective price.


Demand for Fabrics 

Behind every fashion brand is a talented team of seamstresses and sewers. Even if some brands rely on machinist techniques to create clothing pieces, fabrics will always be needed. Of course, not all fabrics are available within the UK, many need to be imported from countries across the world. Take silk for example – the USA is the world’s leading manufacturer of silk products so, if fashion companies want to get their hands on high quality silk for their clothing products, international parcel delivery is absolutely paramount. Without sourcing materials from abroad, businesses within the fashion industry run the risk of using cheap, unfinished fabrics, which could put their brand image in danger.

Fashion Week 

London and New York alike have fashion week events twice a year, and the turn-outs are usually massive. London Fashion Week SS17 had over 105,000 visitors in total, with 15,000 people travelling internationally to get there, so you can see how important these occasions are. With huge names such as Gucci and Ted Baker participating in these massive events, it’s important that they can ship their products overseas to be showcased. For brands big and small in the fashion industry, events such as London Fashion Week are a great way to generate profit and popularity, which is why they need to be able to deliver their products.


Promotional Reasons 

Of course, events such as New York Fashion Week are great ways to raise publicity, but there are other ways that fashion organisations raise awareness of their brand. Over recent years, social media platforms such as YouTube have taken the world by storm, and there have been several fashion influencers emerging from this platform as well as online blogs. You may have seen promotional videos on YouTube, where influencers are sent products from brands in order to review them in a positive light. This wouldn’t be possible for fashion companies without the availability of parcel delivery, which is another reason why it’s important for the industry’s growth. Using huge YouTube fashion channels such as ‘InTheFrow’ and ‘Samantha Maria’ is a great way to promote your products, as they’re trusted by their millions of viewers.



The majority of fashion organisations will have a website that showcases all of their clothing and fashion products. With this website comes purchases, meaning that retailers somehow need to get the purchased product to the customer – parcel delivery! Most companies operate on a global scale, so parcel delivery in the fashion industry has never been in a bigger demand. Without it, customers are forced to travel to a store to manually purchase the product, and in some cases, this might not be possible if there isn’t a branch in your country. Considering that 96% of Americans shop online, there is a clear need for parcel delivery within the fashion industry.

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