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Moving Apprenticeships Positively Forward in 2018


FashionCapital & Fashion Enter CEO, Jenny Holloway, comments on the current state of apprenticeships in the UK…

What exactly did Government think apprenticeship training providers were doing? What’s that expression, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’? We had a perfectly robust apprenticeship programme and then the meddling started! As the main apprenticeship provider in England for technical skills e.g. garment tech and Bespoke Tailoring, Fashion Enter achieved success with 33 retailers including M&S, Jigsaw and ASOS.com.

The initial review for the change from frameworks to standards did not include training providers yet we are the ones at grass roots level. So today’s announcement is hardly surprising. There was a fall of almost 27% to 114,400, in apprenticeship posts in the last quarter of 2017 compared to the year before.

We supported the concept of the levy – all employers with annual wage costs exceeding £3m to invest 0.5% of employee costs into an apprenticeship. However the implementation is a nightmare. There is not enough support for the employers to grasp the complexities of working with the ESFA.

However, we are where we are and we need to find a positive way forward. Our attitude has been to help the employer and we now undertake the full administrative process off the employer, employers have businesses to run!

“Fashion Enter has given us excellent support and advice in setting the apprenticeship programme up. They invested time in understanding what M&S looks for in future talent and the type of people who thrive in our business so that they could shortlist the best candidates. This was a huge help given that that we had over 500 applications!” – M&S

“We have regular meetings to discuss progress, not only of our Apprentices, but of the 13 modules within the course itself. We would like to consider that we have developed a solid partnership with a collaborative approach to this fantastic opportunity for young people.” – ASOS.com

“We are impressed with the professionalism and due diligence by Fashion Enter and the Level 3 apprenticeship programme. I feel this is the one of the most significant steps New Look has taken in ensuring we have the correct talent pool for the future, I truly believe that any retailer or business who does not take up the opportunity is missing out greatly.” – New Look

Need help? Please contact Jenni Sutton via jenni@fashion-enter.com

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