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How Retro Football Shirts are Continuing to Populate Fashion in the UK 


Football is the most popular sport in the UK. From the weekly trips to watch your team play to bonding with friends after the game is over, it unites people and has become interwoven in our society.  

But as well as the game itself, there’s the fashions the run alongside going to the match. We’ve seen some styles on the terraces over the decades, such as the iconic ‘football casuals’, where fans wore high-end designer clothing to matches, and football stars attending fashion shows around the world.  

But one fashion staple has retained its popularity throughout: the football shirt. Today, retro shirts are in demand. Here, we take a look at why that is.  

The popularity of the football shirt 

Football kits have become more than just athletic wear. Over time, they have become fashion statements. From clubs collaborating with designers to players modelling the newest shirts, the kit represented more than just your allegiance. It showcased your sense of style.   

Fans wear their football shirts as everyday streetwear and we change our shirts to match the new season. But, while there are always new versions of these shirts, there’s something special about owning older editions.  

A sense of nostalgia 

Remember that last minute penalty in extra time? Remember that controversial VAR decision? What you wore the day your team won the cup or achieved Premier League glory can bring back the memories. Just as theatre goers have souvenir programmes, football fans have the jersey they wore when their favourite player scored that hat-trick.   

Whether it was a year ago or 10, owning a football shirt from your favourite era can bring back wonderful memories and remind you why you love the beautiful game. 

Thinking sustainably 

As well as helping up relive the good days, these shirts are also reducing the push for fast fashion. The fashion industry as a whole has been a throwaway industry, with the seasonal aspect and easy access to cheaper clothes making it common for items to be worn a few times and thrown away.  

By buying pieces that you wear again, you’re helping to move away from this disposable mindset. Wearing retro football shirts is one way to do this. Going back to the jerseys you love or investing in one that you know you’ll wear for years to come is a great way to help the environment while showcasing your love for your favourite team and player.  

Investment buys 

Some older football shirts are worth money now. If you or your parents have authentic shirts from the past few decades, you could be surprised by how much they’re worth.  

Lots of collectors look out for original jerseys from the 1970s through to the 1990s and there is a real market there, should you be willing to sell your own to the highest bidder.  

Image by Bruce Taylor – pexels.com

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